Coach Maxwell Alexander’s 7 Tips to Building the Body You Want

Coach Maxwell Alexander's 7 Tips to Building the Body You Want

In his new book “The Secrets of Natural Bodybuilding“, Coach Maxwell Alexander shares with readers the tips and techniques he’s used over his more than 20 years of bodybuilding to build the physique he has today. From the foods you should eat to the exercises you should do, it’s all here in this one-of-a-kind bodybuilding guide.

Coach Maxwell Alexander’s 7 Tips to Building the Body You Want

Want to know how to build lean muscle? Want to learn what exercises will give you the abs you want? Learn it all here. Here are seven of Coach Maxwell Alexander’s best tips on building the body you want!

Tip #1 – Be patient
Take your time and don’t rush or force a workout session; make sure you’re always giving it 100%. If you find yourself getting frustrated, take a break and allow your body to rest up for its next session. It’s also important that you don’t compare yourself to others, either in person or on social media sites. Everyone has their own pace when it comes to building muscle and everyone looks different as well. Workout at your own pace and leave everyone else behind.

Tip #2 – If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you
Coach Maxwell Alexander made a career out of working with bodybuilders in order to strengthen their bodies and minds. As he worked with clients, Coach Alex realized that each person had their own approach when it came to working out. Some people were really committed and disciplined; others used trickery or excuses.

Tip #3 – Consistency is key
Just like with everything in life, consistency is what matters. If you aren’t consistent with your training and nutrition you won’t see results. It’s okay if you have a day where your workout was cut short due to work or a friend needed to talk it out because all of us are human. The most important thing for bodybuilding photography and building muscle is that you never take off more than 3 days of rest. This will make it easier for your muscles to grow from being in an anabolic state all week instead of only one day! Be Consistent!

Tip #4 – Weight training and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) go hand in hand
If you’re looking for a way to build muscle and burn fat at once, you’ve got it. One word of caution: don’t do weight training right before your HIIT workouts. If your body is already fatigued, it might not be able to push as hard in your weight-training session, which can make all of your hard work wasted effort.

Tip #5 – There are many ways to skin a cat (or tone your body)
There are a lot of different approaches and philosophies in regards to bodybuilding and building an amazing physique. You can follow your own or you can follow someone else’s. If you want help following your own philosophy, I recommend hiring a coach or consulting with one regularly. There are many coaches out there who specialize in a specific type of training, whether it be Natural bodybuilding, weight-lifting, powerlifting, etc.

Tip #6 – Learn how to manage stress by finding time for things that make you happy

Coach Maxwell Alexander's 7 Tips to Building the Body You Want
Coach Maxwell Alexander’s 7 Tips to Building the Body You Want

Don’t let life, or your training, get in the way of doing what you love. Make time for friends and family. Get out and enjoy nature. Take a dance class. Go fishing or hiking with your kids. Learn how to play an instrument or take a photography class. Take up singing lessons. There are unlimited ways to relax and decompress from daily stresses that don’t involve sugary foods or hours on end at your local gym!

Tip #7 – Motivation comes from within
One of my favorite quotes is Haters don’t really hate you, they hate themselves. They are envious of you. I believe that quote embodies how I feel about motivation in bodybuilding. The most important thing for you to do is love yourself. If you can wake up every morning and truly be proud of who you are and what your goals are then nothing can hold you back!