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Hudson Valley Style Magazine™ is a flagship publication of the Duncan Avenue Group™ and Hudson Valley's Premiere Style & Design Publication with a Global Audience. Hudson Valley Style Magazine's focus is to highlight examples of high-end design, style, sustainability and social responsibility concepts in the greater Hudson Valley region and beyond. Hudson Valley Style Magazine shares Duncan Avenue Group's mission: Design. Sustainability. Social Responsibility.


Designer Maxwell L. Alexander
Designer Maxwell L. Alexander

Maxwell L. Alexander
[ Editor-in-Chief + Art, Wine, Style, Design & Bodybuilding ]

Designer, Creative Director and World-Class Brand Development Expert, CEO at the Duncan Avenue Group, Maxwell has developed Brand & Design Strategies for hundreds of companies all around the world, ranging from technology startups, wellness & fitness brands, to Fortune 500 companies and globally renown non-profit organizations and government agencies. Maxwell holds a Master's Degree in design from the Fashion Institute of Technology and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Maxwell believes that Hudson Valley Style encompasses the health, wellness, environmentally and socially conscious lifestyle of the Millennial Generation.

Contact Maxwell: max@hudsonvalley.style

Miranda Weinberger [ Contributor / Style, Beauty + Fashion ]

For the last decade, being a Mom has been my main focus. As a beauty professional, the work has and will always be a passion of mine. Having the ability to make my own schedule so I can be present with my children is paramount for me. With that said, last year I had the opportunity to pursue a career in real estate and I decided without hesitation to take the leap and join the best real estate team in the Hudson Valley. I love that I can manage Motherhood, work at my salon, and also begin a journey as a Hudson Valley Realtor!

I am thrilled about my next big thing as I am starting my work as a contributing editor in the beauty and fashion category here at the Hudson Valley Style Magazine. Fashion has been a huge part of my life and I am excited to explore and share Hudson Valley fashion with the rest of the world.

Contact Miranda: miranda@hudsonvalley.style

Miranda Weinberger -Contributing Editor, Hudson Valley Style Magazine
Miranda Weinberger -Contributing Editor, Hudson Valley Style Magazine
Naomi Harris, Contributing Editor, Lifestyle and Fitness
Naomi Harris, Contributing Editor, Lifestyle and Fitness

Naomi Harris [ Contributing Editor / Lifestyle, Environment + Fitness ]

A life-long Kingston native, Naomi has witnessed the tremendous growth that has transformed the area into becoming one of Upstate NY's most sought after destinations.

Prior to joining the Hudson Valley Style Magazine and Alexander Maxwell Realty, Naomi enjoyed 8+ years in the fitness industry after earning a degree in Sports Medicine (ACSM), including owning her own Studio. She also later attended Gemological Institute of America in Manhattan and worked in Fine Jewelry for several years.

Naomi draws from her background and writes about all things Hudson Valley Lifestyle-related with a focus on Fitness and Wellness.

Contact Naomi: naomi@hudsonvalley.style

Dino Alexander [ Contributor / Real Estate + Restaurants ]

Entrepreneur, Investor, Best Real Estate Broker in Hudson Valley, Expert in Economics and CEO at the Almax Realty, Dino has a vast understanding of real estate, high-end fashion, and retail industries and believes that Hudson Valley has a unique role in the global economy with Modern Rustic Hudson Valley Style representing it on the global arena.

Growing up in Bulgaria, gave Dino a truly global perspective on things and he is thrilled to share it with the Hudson Valley Style Magazine readers through his real estate, global economy, and finance-related features.

On top of everything, Dino is very passionate about delicious food, so watch out for his Hudson Valley restaurant reviews exclusively for the Hudson Valley Style Magazine!

Contact Dino: dino@hudsonvalley.style

Dino Alexander, Real Estate and Economics Editor, Hudson Valley Style Magazine
Dino Alexander, Real Estate and Economics Editor, Hudson Valley Style Magazine

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