NPC Bodybuilding – Bodybuilding 101 with Maxwell Alexander

The National Physique Committee (NPC) is a national organization devoted to developing a bodybuilding program that builds great bodies. The organization is one of the best-known bodybuilding organizations and sponsors several competitions every year.

NPC produces several bodybuilding competitions throughout the year:

* The Women’s National Fitness Championship
* Women’s National Body Building Championship
* USA Men’s Championship
* The IFBB World Championships
* The IFBB Northern Championship
* Junior USA Body Building Championship

There are several other national championships sanctioned by the NPC. Generally, when the NPC sponsors an event, it is well-regarded. The NPC bodybuilding competitions are known for giving legitimacy to bodybuilders as serious athletes.

Their contests are held throughout the country and in Canada, and they have long been considered THE contests to enter and win. Various hardcore bodybuilders have started their careers in the industry as a result of winning the NPC Nationals. Every NPC bodybuilding competition is made to the best of its ability by full-time promoters working non-stop.

Amateur organizations make up the NPC. IFBB (International Federation of Body Builders) membership is available to NPC members and competitors. A bodybuilder who makes a living off of their physique should belong to an IFBB-affiliated professional organization.

Competitions are just one aspect of NPC bodybuilding. Its mission is to educate women and teens about bodybuilding. Members can also get alternative steroid options and information on how to sculpt a perfect body.

NPC Bodybuilding – Bodybuilding 101 with Maxwell Alexander – Fitness Photography by Duncan Avenue Studios, New York
NPC Bodybuilding – Bodybuilding 101 with Maxwell Alexander – Fitness Photography by Duncan Avenue Studios, New York

NPC members come from all walks of life. The NPC is an important part of your body-building goals if you are interested in bodybuilding and possibly going pro one day. You just need to submit an application and pay a yearly membership fee. With that, you’ll get:

  • Each issue of NPC News features the sport’s up-and-coming new bodybuilding and fitness stars, contest results, and information about future NPC contests.
  • A liability insurance plan (if you are a registered contestant) covering your travel to, from, and at any NPC bodybuilding and fitness event.
  • Participation in NPC events and qualification for IFBB events.NPC bodybuilding is an essential part of a serious bodybuilding regimen. You can still benefit from NPC membership, even if you don’t plan to go pro.

About NPC:

The National Physique Committee is the world’s premier amateur physique organization. Bodybuilders, fitness athletes, figure competitors, bikini contestants, and physique competitors have begun their careers at the NPC since 1982. They went on to win 24 Olympias and 38 Arnold Classics after graduating to the IFBB Professional League.

Several NPC athletes are regularly featured in and on the covers of international publications, including Muscle & Fitness, Muscle & Fitness Hers, and Muscular Development. The NPC has gained mainstream recognition through the Men’s Physique and Women’s Bikini divisions. In national magazines, ad campaigns, etc., we can see our NPC competitors in these divisions. In addition, A-list celebrities like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson are not uncommon to attend.

Lee Haney, Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler, Phil Heath, Shawn Rhoden, Kai Greene, Jeremy Buendia, Cory Everson, Lenda Murray, Breon Ansley, Adela Garcia, Nicole Wilkins, Nicole Nagrani, Ashley Kaltwasser, Dexter Jackson, Kevin Levrone, Danny Hester, Kevin English, Cyd Gillon, David Henry, Iris Kyle, Flex Wheeler, Dana Linn Bailey, Brandon Hendrickson, Latoya Watts, Whitney Jones, Camala Rodriguez, Chris Cormier, Candice Keene, Shawn Ray, Shanique Grant, Janet Layug, Jennifer Ronzitti, and India Paulino all became stars in the health and fitness industry through the NPC.

NPC Bodybuilding – Bodybuilding 101 with Maxwell Alexander
NPC Bodybuilding – Bodybuilding 101 with Maxwell Alexander