Land Your Dream Job: Short-Term Rental Property Manager Role Now Open in Breathtaking Catskills Region! – Kingston, NY

Land Your Dream Job: Short-Term Rental Property Manager Role Now Open in Breathtaking Catskills Region! – Kingston, NY – Presented by Alluvion Vacations

Are you a dynamic, motivated individual looking to kick-start or level up your career in one of the most vibrant regions of New York? The Hudson Valley and Catskills region, celebrated for its breathtaking landscapes, diverse communities, and bustling tourism industry, presents an ocean of thrilling opportunities for young professionals from all walks of life. In the spotlight today, we have an exceptional job opening at Alluvion Vacations, a trailblazer in the short-term rental industry. This role offers not just a job, but a fulfilling career path in a diverse, inclusive environment that encourages innovation and celebrates individuality. Join us as we explore this exciting opportunity that could redefine your professional journey.

Land Your Dream Job: Short-Term Rental Property Manager Role Now Open in Breathtaking Catskills Region! – Kingston, NY – Presented by Alluvion Vacations

Introducing the STR Operations and Hospitality Experience Manager Opportunity

Alluvion Vacations, a division of Alluvion Inc. and a prominent boutique agency in the short-term rental market is seeking a dedicated Short-Term Rental Property Manager to join their dynamic team. The role focuses on overseeing operations and hospitality experience setup for their rental properties scattered across Ulster County, Columbia County, and Greene County. The ideal candidate would bring a detail-oriented mindset, robust organizational abilities, and a strong track record in property management and hospitality.

Key Responsibilities

As a Short-Term Rental Property Manager, your responsibilities will span across property setup and maintenance, inventory management, operations and efficiency, regulatory compliance, guest satisfaction, and issue resolution, as well as financial management.

Your primary objective will be to ensure all rental properties are well-maintained, fully equipped, and present an appealing and comfortable environment to guests. This task will require you to take care of property setup, maintenance schedules, inventory checks, and much more. Moreover, you’ll be responsible for addressing any guest issues promptly and professionally, maximizing property efficiency, and remaining in full compliance with local regulations.

Who We’re Looking For

This position calls for a candidate with previous experience in property management, hospitality, or a related field. You will need to demonstrate strong organizational and time management skills, coupled with the ability to prioritize tasks and meet strict deadlines. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills are crucial, as you’ll frequently liaise with guests, vendors, and service providers.

Familiarity with local regulations and compliance requirements for short-term rentals is a plus, as is the knowledge of property management software and tools to streamline operations. The role requires the ability to handle multiple properties and tasks simultaneously.


This position represents an exciting opportunity for individuals with a passion for property operations and a keen eye for detail. Working at Alluvion Vacations in the stunning Hudson Valley and Catskills region will provide a chance to thrive in a dynamic environment while contributing to delivering exceptional short-term rental experiences.

Whether you’re a local resident or someone considering relocating to this vibrant region, the Hudson Valley and Catskills areas offer promising opportunities for a rewarding career path in property management. Don’t hesitate to explore this exceptional opportunity at Alluvion Vacations and make a significant impact in the flourishing tourism industry in the region.

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About Alluvion Inc. and Alluvion Vacations

Alluvion Inc. is a distinguished real estate innovation company with a stellar reputation in the industry. They have established a network of successful divisions across various sectors, one of which is Alluvion Vacations. This branch is a well-known name in the short-term rental market, known for its selection of high-end rental properties located in the captivating Hudson Valley and Catskills region.

Alluvion Vacations stands out as an LGBTQ-owned local business, committed to enriching the area’s tourism landscape. With a firm dedication to providing unparalleled service and unforgettable hospitality, Alluvion Vacations ensures each of their properties is impeccably maintained, fully equipped, and creates an exceptional experience for all guests from all around the Globe.

Equal Opportunities and Inclusion

Alluvion Inc., and its division Alluvion Vacations, champion equal opportunities in the workplace. As an LGBTQ-owned business, they take pride in fostering an inclusive environment that values diversity, innovation, and mutual respect. The company welcomes candidates from all walks of life, irrespective of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, or disability status, firmly believing that it’s this diversity that drives creativity and success.

Careers in the Hudson Valley and Catskills Region

Alluvion Vacations continuously seeks to diversify its workforce by attracting a broad range of candidates for its vacancies in the Hudson Valley and Catskills region. Emphasizing the importance of different perspectives and experiences, they actively encourage individuals from underrepresented groups to apply.

Being a part of Alluvion Vacations not only offers the opportunity to work in the dynamic tourism and hospitality industry but also to contribute to an organization that is genuinely committed to equality and inclusivity. If you’re passionate about creating excellent hospitality experiences and want to be part of an LGBTQ-owned local business that is shaping the future of the Hudson Valley and Catskills region, explore the exciting career paths available at Alluvion Vacations today.