Open Letter to Hudson Valley LGBTQ Center Calling for Community Accountability

A Response to the Call for Community Accountability and Our Recent Town Hall – by the Hudson Valley LGBTQ Center, Kingston, NY

To the Hudson Valley LGBTQ+ Community The movement for our collective liberation has been shaped by effective call-outs, and we’re grateful to every human who signed the recent call for community accountability statement posted online by the Newburgh LGBTQ+ Center. We hear you, we see you, and we are sorry. We wouldn’t presume to engage with you directly, and want to honor your space. But our door is open for dialogue, and we have a plan, now, for a restorative process related to the harms. We thank you for the leadership you have shown where we have fallen short of our […]

Open Letter to Hudson Valley LGBTQ Center Calling for Community Accountability

Open Letter to Hudson Valley LGBTQ Center Calling for Community Accountability

The Newburgh LGBTQIA+ Center, in coalition with other community-based organizations, operating and serving the Hudson Valley, and on behalf of community members, all former constituents, volunteers, and employees of the Hudson Valley LGBTQ Center, herein referred to as the Kingston Center, demand accountability from the Kingston Center for its racist, oppressive, and imperialistic behavior in the Hudson Valley. Our Center is founded by people of color, centering on the needs of the most vulnerable in the Hudson Valley. As an organization spearheading racial justice work in the Hudson Valley, not only have we become a sanctuary for numerous Kingston Center […]

Hudson Valley Farmhouses for Sale – Farmhouse for Sale in Upstate, NY

Hudson Valley Farmhouses for Sale – Your Dream Escape to Upstate, NY

In just a few recent years Hudson Valley has become one of the top destinations for real estate investors from all around the World. People are flocking to enjoy the opulent lifestyle that Hudson Valley has to offer and the real estate investment opportunities that come with it, whether they’re attracted by its antique farmhouses and breathtaking views, or newer developments yet so close to the New York City. Hudson Valley’s luxury real estate really offers you the best of both worlds – acres of picturesque land coupled with the perks of rich culture and metropolitan living. Hudson Valley style […]

How to Have a Holly, Jolly, Digital Holiday while Supporting Independent Artists

How to Have a Holly, Jolly, Digital Holiday while Supporting Independent Artists

In this time of social distancing, when you may not be able to gather together with family and friends during the holiday season, there are plenty of exciting, unique and downright delightful ways to keep everyone’s holiday spirits high. Consider exploring websites and digital platforms offering creative gifts, new ways to connect and one-of-a-kind greeting options that will put a smile on even the Grinchiest of faces. Here are a few ideas to get you started. Unique holiday greetings Tired of sending the same old holiday cards? Instead, why not create an amazing Christmas greeting video that you can send […]

Help Alima's Cuisine To Get a Food Truck!

Celebrate Juneteenth by making a difference today – Help Alima’s Cuisine To Get a Food Truck!

Wow! Great job, Hudson Valley, and the rest of the World! In just a few days Alima’s Cuisine Food Truck Campaign has reached its $25K goal and still going up strong! Let’s raise $50K so Alima could expand with 2 food trucks? Go donate here before its too late: Help Alima’s Cuisine To Get a Food Truck! About Alima’s GoFundMe Campaign: After three years of Alima’s Cuisines serving delicious Burkina Faso West African food out of tents at farmers’ markets and pop-up restaurants, Alima is ready to step things up with a food truck! She has found a truck that […]

Odiele Rose Serum - Product Review

Odiele Product Review. Rose Sérum

For several years, I was continuously experiencing an issue with the skin on my face – dryness, and dullness. I thought, using a regular moisturizer would solve the problem – but it was not helping. Finally, I sought professional advice and quickly learned that my skin was severely dehydrated – the factor I was not familiar with before. That’s why I was very curious to try Rose Sérum by Odièle and see if it could help restore the hydration, energy, and elasticity of my skin. Odiele Product Review. Rose Sérumby Katya A Williams Rose Sérum is made of 600 Bulgarian […]

Support environment friendly business. Support local. Support each other.

Crisis and shelter in place allowed many to reevaluate the past, contemplate the present, and wonder about the future. These critical times brought us all together by making us want to reach out to our loved ones and even reconnect with long lost friends across the world and realize how much we care about them and how happy they are to hear from us. By looking at the most recent satellite photos, we are also learning that we might not be the only ones who’s been using this time to reflect – our planet took a deep breath as well, […]

Thought, quarantine was a vacation? Things just got serious. Continuing the conversation on the spread of COVID-19 and what to do during these unprecedented times.

Thought, quarantine was a vacation? Things just got more serious…

To call it “strange” would be an understatement. Uncertainty and anxiety took over the globe and put the entire world on hold. Total absence of toilet paper, empty shelves in grocery stores, closure of all casinos on Las Vegas Strip, worldwide shortage of face masks and ventilators, stock market is the worst since the Great Depression, unemployment rate may soar to 30%, Olympic Games postponed for one year: Is it really happening? The Governor of New York signs an executive order to put the whole state on PAUSE, closing all nonessential offices effective at 8PM on Sunday, March 22. COVID-19 […]