Fitness for Busy Professionals: A Guide to Making Exercise a Priority in a Busy Lifestyle

With a diverse background that encompasses Mechanical Engineering, Fine Art, and Design, as well as extensive experience and certifications in the fitness industry, I developed a unique perspective on health and wellness. My passion for helping others reach their fitness goals stems from a lifelong curiosity about the transcendence of the human condition and […]

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Beyond Aesthetics: Calming Wall Decor for Any Space

Beyond Aesthetics: Relaxing Nature Photography to Calm Your Mind – Wall Art by Maxwell Alexander

Photographer Maxwell Alexander has a keen eye when it comes to integrating powerful emotions and visual imagery—an eye that often transcends dimensions and different mediums, prominently displayed in his new series of fine art still-life sculpture photography. A few years back, Maxwell Alexander created a series of sculptures inspired by the idea of mind […]

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4 Ways to Instantly Upgrade Your Interiors - Bathroom and Kitchen Design Tips

4 Ways to Instantly Upgrade Your Interiors

(BPT) – There’s a simple reason for the recent boom in home improvement: Everyone’s spending more time at home. Staying at home more makes it clearer what areas are lacking and reveals opportunities for upgrades. Fortunately, there are many ways to make a huge impact on the appearance of those rooms — instantly. Here […]

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