The Age of AI: Breaking the Chokehold of the 1% and Corporations on Society

For decades, the wealthiest 1% and large corporations have maintained a seemingly impenetrable grip on global resources and power. This concentration of wealth and influence has had detrimental effects on the majority of the population, exacerbating economic disparities and stifling social mobility. However, the rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI) could soon (and given […]

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Shaping our future with AI / The 3 pillars of AI

Shaping our future with AI

The Pillars of AI (BPT) – Artificial intelligence (AI) is impacting everyone’s lives more and more. The latest technology increasingly helps daily tasks and routines become simpler, leaving consumers with more time to spend on other priorities. What do you want from the AI-powered devices and systems in your life? A core set of […]

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