Buying a Farmhouse in Upstate, NY and Hudson Valley – by Dino Alexander

Buying a Farmhouse in Upstate, NY and Hudson Valley – by Dino Alexander, CEO, Alluvion Real Estate – Photography by Alluvion Media

Creating the life you’ve always wanted often includes getting out of the city and moving to the country, whether it’s to live on your own or with your family. You can find plenty of houses for sale in Upstate, NY, Catskills, and Hudson Valley, but if you’re buying a farmhouse, there are certain considerations to make before you jump into the market.

Buying a Farmhouse in Upstate, NY and Hudson Valley – by Dino Alexander, CEO, Alluvion Real EstateAerial Photography by Alluvion Media.

These include where you want to live, what kind of property you want to buy, and how much money you have available for your investment. With these factors in mind, begin your search to find the perfect farmhouse that fits both your needs and your budget!

Exploring Newburgh
Newburgh is about an hour north of New York City. It’s not all that far from Beacon, which is just across the Hudson River. So what are some activities you can do in Newburgh? Here are some ideas: If you live near or around Beacon, you can drive up to Newburgh to explore Lawrence Farms Orchards. This picturesque farm has beautiful scenery, interesting architecture, and lots of local fresh fruit to pick during the fall season. They also offer hayrides—it should be a blast for everyone! Another nearby attraction is Kingston Stockade National Historic Site—you can learn more about Colonial history by visiting here; there’s also a bunch of boutique stores and vibrant marketplace on Liberty Street and plenty of dining options as well.

Exploring Beacon
What you need to know about buying a farmhouse in upstate NY: Beacon is one of those charming small towns you see while driving through upstate New York. It’s home to roughly 20,000 people, most of whom commute to nearby NYC for work. But if you’re looking for something more tranquil and serene than traffic-jammed highways, Beacon might be an interesting place to live. And here are all of the homes for sale in Beacon, NY.

Exploring Westchester County
The Westchester region is one of upstate New York’s best-kept secrets. It’s only minutes away from NYC, but you feel like you are worlds away. Whether you are looking for a vacation home or have plans to move into Hudson Valley permanently, it pays to consider what’s available here! Check out Westchester County real estate listings with Alluvion Real Estate; we’re happy to answer any questions about buying a farmhouse in Upstate, NY and Hudson Valley.

Exploring Dutchess County
Dutchess County was founded as an independent county by William Penn on November 1, 1683. Dutchess is one of three counties that form New York State’s Southern Tier. It is also home to several larger cities such as Poughkeepsie, and Beacon along with a few small towns like Wappingers Falls and Lagrange.

The Catskills Area – Exploring Ulster County
The Catskills region is one of New York State’s favorite vacation destinations. The region has been popular among tourists since it was first discovered over a century ago. Nowadays, families travel up to enjoy its year-round natural beauty by taking part in exciting outdoor activities including hiking, skiing, and horseback riding. Catskills vacation rentals are some of the best in the country, so this automatically gives your second home a self-sustaining revenue stream. Check out these homes for sale in Phoenicia, NY.

The Village of New Paltz
New Paltz is located in New York’s scenic Hudson Valley region. The town has a rich history—the Village of New Paltz was incorporated by an act of the legislature on April 6, 1853. Just recently, New Paltz was named one of the best small towns in America by Buzzfeed. If you are searching for homes for sale in New Paltz, NY, log on to

Historic Upstate Towns
The scenic location of upstate New York makes it one of America’s most coveted destinations for new homeowners. The Hudson Valley is a charming area renowned for its incredible landscapes and historic towns. If you’re planning to buy a farmhouse in Upstate, NY, or one of its charming riverfront cities like Beacon or Poughkeepsie, there are plenty of historic places to visit while you’re there.

Buying a farmhouse in the Hudson Valley can be difficult. Finding an agent who specializes in farmhouses, who will find you the perfect farmhouse for your needs, is critical to your success in finding the best house for you. If you are looking for more information about how to buy a Hudson Valley farmhouse, reach out to Alluvion Agents to get all of your questions answered. We have been helping buyers like you find their dream home since 1924. Reach out today!