5 Affordable Ways to Dress Up Your Home Office Space by Kei Kullberg

5 Affordable Ways to Dress Up Your Home Office Space with Kei Kullberg

Spending a lot of time working from home these days? I hear ya! As a mortgage broker here in the Hudson Valley, I see how the area basically turned into a “work-from-home capital” of North-East, just because seems like everyone moved out of New York City…

5 Affordable Ways to Dress Up Your Home Office Space
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So the last thing you want is for your home office to look drab. You need a space where you can be excited about starting your workday. Design a home office that will put you in the right headspace for work. You’ll want decor that is calming and inviting so that you’re eager to begin working every day.

1. A New Coat of Paint

If you haven’t painted in a while, your office walls may look dull and dingy. An easy way to brighten up any room is to give it a new coat of paint. Choose a color that is light and energizing, like a pale yellow or sky blue. You don’t want to darken your office as it may lead to you feeling boxed in a small space. Consider adding a fun accent wall to pull the room together. Bold stripes are very popular choices for accent walls; make sure you choose colors that complement each other.

2. Houseplants

Liven up your office with a few house plants. House plants are calming and you can water them when your workflow has slowed a bit. You can pick out a wide variety of house plants including ones whose colors complement your office space.

3. Motivational Quotes

It can be helpful to fill your workspace with motivational quotes to keep you going throughout the day. Whether in the form of a poster or a rustic wooden sign, find quotes that inspire you and sprinkle them throughout your office. You can find a lot of motivational decor that suits your interests and decor style online.

4. An Area Rug

If you’ve got a small office, a great way to complete the space is with a large area rug. Not only will a rug pull your room together, but it can add some comfort. Pick a big, fluffy rug to rest your feet on as you get your work done. You may find that making your space cozy will actually help your productivity.

5. Photos of Friends and Family

Sometimes when your motivation is running dry, it can be helpful to remember why you are working hard. Perhaps you’re working to make your parents proud, to provide a good life for your children, or even just to buy luxury items for your pets. Pick your favorite photos of your loved ones and choose cute frames to keep them on your walls or desk.

Your workspace does not need to drag you down. Create an office you actually enjoy spending your time in by making a few small, affordable changes. Having an office you love will greatly improve your workday.

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5 Affordable Ways to Dress Up Your Home Office Space by Kei Kullberg
5 Affordable Ways to Dress Up Your Home Office Space by Kei Kullberg

Starting out at Superior Mortgage as a Production Associate, I have integrated my passions and knowledge of the mortgage industry into my work. I then moved on to be an efficient and detail orientated Loan Processor. Loan processing taught me how to analyze loans in a way that would enhance my skills and understanding of the mortgage industry.

Since November of 2018, I have become a licensed Loan Originator and Branch Manager of the Superior Mortgage Fishkill Branch. Customer Service and meeting client’s needs is an expertise of mine and striving to get clients in their new homes is especially what motivates me day in and day out.

I grew up in Cornwall, NY, which then lead me to attend the National Sports Academy in Lake Placid, NY. From there I attended the University of Alaska at Anchorage and furthered my education experience at St. Lawrence University in Canton, NY, where I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business and Economics. At St. Lawrence I was the MVP of the Division 1 Alpine Ski Team who also took part in numerous community service events throughout each semester.

My experience of working with real estate investors small and large has taught me the importance of using real estate as a tool for investing and gaining long term wealth. I will continue my real estate investment journey with the help and influence of my clients and talented co-workers. I am also passionate about skiing, photography, and any sport that takes place on the water.

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