Why It Might Be a Good Time to Sell Your Hudson Valley Home – Hudson Valley Real Estate with Dino Alexander

Why It Might Be a Good Time to Sell Your Hudson Valley Home – Hudson Valley Real Estate with Dino Alexander

The decision to buy a new home and move can be a difficult one. Your current dwelling is “home” to you, the place where you’ve put down roots and made lasting memories. You’re probably very attached to it. So, you’re not going to move on a whim. You’re not going to move just for the sake of moving or because you’re tired of waking up in the same bedroom every day.

Why It Might Be a Good Time to Sell Your Hudson Valley Home – Hudson Valley Real Estate with Dino Alexander

That said, not every house is a “forever” home. There might not come a time when you WANT to move, but there may be a time when you SHOULD move. You might think you’ll know it when that time arrives, but just in case, here are three strong signs that it might be time to sell your home.

You’re running out of space

If you have a growing family, you might need more bedrooms that your current home has. You might need more storage space for the growing amount of “stuff” a growing family inevitably accumulates. Maybe you need a bigger yard.

There are things you can change quickly and cheaply about a home you don’t like. You can paint walls, replace flooring and even switch out “dated” countertops, appliances or light fixtures. But it’s much more complicated and pricey to add space.

Putting an addition on a home because you need an extra bedroom is a huge undertaking. Building a shed for storage and finishing a basement to gain additional living space are large projects. It’s very difficult to change the size of a home, and, often, when you feel like you need a bigger home, you need a bigger home. So, it might be time to sell your home. It’s that simple.

Your home is in demand

In the post-recession years following the foreclosure crisis, there were plenty of people who would have liked to move, but felt trapped in their home because they owed more than it was worth. But real estate prices have rebounded.

If you have thought about moving before, but decided it didn’t make financial sense, you might want to take another look. The majority of US real estate markets are now seller’s markets, where homes are in demand.

In fact, if you’re someone who believes the economy is headed for a downturn, you might agree that you could sell your home for more money now than, say, a year from now. This isn’t to say that the potential sale price of your home should drive you to move, but if you’ve thought about it anyway and can get top dollar for your home and sell quickly now, it might make sense.

People move for all sorts of reasons. Some are good and some are not-so-good. But if you find yourself in one of the three scenarios outlined here, you have at least one solid sign it might be time to sell.

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