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DA Aromatherapy Hand Sanitizer – Hudson Valley Style Magazine Product Review

The Best Natural Hand Sanitizer

This is my first time using a natural hand sanitizer – what a difference!
by Katya A Williams, Sustainability and Social Responsibility Editor

I love to cook, so I spend a lot of time browsing around the grocery store, where I use a lot of hand sanitizer. Calming and energizing hand sanitizer with essential oils is a life saver.

  • I tried Zen Garden and Feel Awesome with organic lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, and chamomile essential oils.
  • Not only they are 99.9% effective against most germs, they also smell AMAZING and feel really good on my hands.
  • It’s a small 2.7 oz. easy to use spray bottle – perfect for a purse or a backpack side pocket.
  • It’s NOT STICKY and NOT MESSY. It dries out right away, but does not dry the skin.
  • It is made in the US, not tested on animals, and recyclable.

With a current shortage of hand sanitizers everywhere, DA Aromatherapy product is very easy to access – it takes three minutes to order and three days to receive.

It is no doubt the best natural hand sanitizer!

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