Healthy Ways to Manage Change

Everyone’s life has been impacted by the pandemic in one form or another. Some circumstances are resulting in significant life changes — and some of which may be frustrating, while others, liberating. If you’re struggling with change, there are concrete steps you can take toward regaining a sense of control over your life. According to the Cleveland Clinic, the pandemic has actually given new awareness to personal issues many of us have ignored in the past, which can create the perfect place from which to grow. 

Work-Life Balance

Some parents are juggling working from home and caring for and/or educating kids via remote learning, all at the same time. According to KCM, this is a fine balancing act, and ensuring you’re caring for your mental and emotional health is key to managing this most unusual time. In addition to setting boundaries between work and home, working with your supervisor on scheduling issues and your partner on childcare duties, take time for yourself. The practice of visual meditation is something that’s growing in popularity and employs the use of inspiring visual meditation wall art. Other stress-reducing activities include yoga, Pilates, in-home spa treatments, and journaling.

Health and Wellness

Eating well and exercising regularly has been a challenge for everyone lately. However, feeding yourself well and getting your blood flowing and your heart pumping can help you feel both physically and mentally stronger. Make an effort to eliminate high-fat, high-sugar, and processed foods from your home and replace them with whole grains and fresh produce. Build activity into every day to get moving, even if you’re just walking around the block. Both practices — combined with ensuring you get adequate sleep and staying hydrated — can have a positive impact on your overall well-being.

Employment Opportunities

The pandemic seems to have created an environment where people are either stressed and overworked or stressed and unemployed. If you faced a job loss, or if you feel it’s time to explore a new career path, consider working with a career counselor online. A knowledgeable advisor can help you evaluate your skill sets, zero-in on your strengths and interests, and develop a plan for setting long-range employment goals. While there is competition, this is an excellent time to think about what would ultimately be a fulfilling and enjoyable career moving forward. If you’re ready to jump into the job hunt, utilize online job boards and social media, and reach out to former colleagues, friends, and family for leads and recommendations.

Making a Move

Many people are moving or relocating right now, some because of employment or financial concerns — others, because it feels like the right time for their family. If you’re interested in finding a new home, do some advanced research into the housing market of your city and state to get a feel for average prices and how long properties are staying on the market. Comparison-shop various neighborhoods and get a feel for amenities, schools, and the like. A real estate professional can help you narrow the choices and find a place that’s a good fit. A qualified mortgage lender can evaluate your credit and finances and help you understand how much house you can afford.

Life is all about change — both the change we seek for ourselves and the change that happens outside of our control. Recognizing the difference is important to maintaining a healthy state of mind. Of course, some things can’t wait, like health, employment, or the need to relocate. Rather than fret over circumstances that you can’t change, focus on your reaction to adversity and make the most of the good opportunities that come your way. The pandemic has created a lot of chaos, but taking things in stride, caring for yourself and your family, and looking to the future will help you make it through. 

Headline Photo Credit: Image by Hermann Traub from Pixabay

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