Who is Your Buyer? Infographic by Alexander Maxwell Realty

When you choose Alexander Maxwell Realty you choose a company which helps to invest in your future, to us you are not a one-off client – we form long-standing relationships with all our valued customers. To us, your property is a work of art and it is exactly how our All-inclusive Strategic Marketing Package presents it to the world: 1. Let’s meet and brainstorm At our first meeting and walkthrough of your property, we will discuss the initial market assessment,  pricing, and marketing strategy. We will talk about your target audience and the best way to reach them. Millennials are very different from […]

Design is where ideas meet reality. - Maxwell Alexander

Cosmic Intelligence of Design – Visual Essay by Maxwell L. Alexander

In this visual essay, I am making an outline of a thrilling journey of intellectual exploration of reality through Design. As per the notion that was given to me by my favorite School of Visual Arts mentor Sarah Giovanitti, I am a Designer with a capital “D” and until very recently I couldn’t grasp the full extent of this concept. I have been putting together my thoughts about this for a while now, but just a few minutes ago we came back from our favorite coffee shop where something amazing happened: We had a breakfast and were sitting in the […]

Hudson Valley Style Magazine - Issue No.5 - Stephanie Reppas - Lighting the Way 2018

Hudson Valley Style Magazine – Issue No.5 – Lighting the Way 2018

Hudson Valley Style Magazine is Lighting the Way! Featuring exclusive cover story and interview with Hudson Valley’s Own Lighting Designer Stephanie Reppas (October Design, Hudson, NY. She creates amazing light fixtures from reclaimed materials found all over upstate, New York. Her projects are true work of art and an explicit definition of the authentic Hudson Valley Style.   – Editors Maxwell & Dino Alexander