Rethinking Thanksgiving: A Stand Against Celebrating Colonial Atrocities – by Maxwell Alexander, EIC, Hudson Valley Style Magazine

Rethinking Thanksgiving: A Stand Against Celebrating Colonial Atrocities

As we approach Thanksgiving, a holiday deeply ingrained in American culture, it’s vital to pause and reflect on the narratives we choose to celebrate. In recent years, a growing awareness of the holiday’s historical context has sparked debate and introspection. At Hudson Valley Style Magazine, while we deeply value traditions that bring families together, […]

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The Tales of Mahicantuck: A Journey Through Time with Maxwell Alexander

The Tales of Mahhicannituck: A Journey Through Time with Maxwell Alexander

Embarking on a riveting journey through history, “The Tales of Mahhicannituck” is a groundbreaking series of short historical novels by author, artist, and human rights activist Maxwell Alexander. This series promises to breathe life into the rich tapestry of Indigenous Peoples cultures that flourished along the Hudson River, known to them as Mahhicannituck, before […]

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From Vintage to Modern: How Art Deco is Adapting to the 21st Century – Interior Design with Maxwell Alexander

In recent years, minimalism has been the dominant trend in interior design, with many people opting for a clean and simple aesthetic in their homes. However, there is a growing trend of maximalism coming back into style, with homeowners and designers embracing bold colors, patterns, and textures in their living spaces. From Vintage to […]

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IKEA Taps into Millennial Trends to Create Sustainable and Culturally Vibrant Collections – Open House Event in New York City

As a professional photographer, graduate-level designer, and EIC here at the Hudson Valley Style Magazine I had the pleasure of attending the IKEA Open House event at Studio 525 in New York City just a few days ago. At the Hudson Valley Style Magazine, we often cover topics of sustainability, design, and social responsibility, […]

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Fitness for Busy Professionals: A Guide to Making Exercise a Priority in a Busy Lifestyle

With a diverse background that encompasses Mechanical Engineering, Fine Art, and Design, as well as extensive experience and certifications in the fitness industry, I developed a unique perspective on health and wellness. My passion for helping others reach their fitness goals stems from a lifelong curiosity about the transcendence of the human condition and […]

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How bad is your air? by Katya A Williams, Hudson Valley Style Magazine Editor, Sustainability and Social Responsibility

How bad is your air?

How bad is your air? by Katya A Williams, Hudson Valley Style Magazine Editor [ Sustainability and Social Responsibility ] Clean air is something many people are desperate for. Air quality varies from one region to another, and the way the air is treated and maintained highly depends on the infrastructure and economic development, […]

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