Everyone Can Save on Vital Energy Costs

Everyone Can Save on Vital Energy Costs

(BPT) – It’s something everyone in the U.S. needs and uses in their everyday lives — energy to keep the lights on, appliances working and homes cool or warm enough to be comfortable. Now that Americans are spending more time at home, energy needs — and costs — for households across the country are going through the roof. And unfortunately, energy costs tend to be higher for families already struggling with lower incomes and job insecurity, along with other challenges due to the pandemic. According to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, low-income, African-American, and Latino households and renters […]

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Crisis and shelter in place allowed many to reevaluate the past, contemplate the present, and wonder about the future. These critical times brought us all together by making us want to reach out to our loved ones and even reconnect with long lost friends across the world and realize how much we care about them and how happy they are to hear from us. By looking at the most recent satellite photos, we are also learning that we might not be the only ones who’s been using this time to reflect – our planet took a deep breath as well, […]

How bad is your air? by Katya A Williams, Hudson Valley Style Magazine Editor, Sustainability and Social Responsibility

How bad is your air?

How bad is your air? by Katya A Williams, Hudson Valley Style Magazine Editor [ Sustainability and Social Responsibility ] Clean air is something many people are desperate for. Air quality varies from one region to another, and the way the air is treated and maintained highly depends on the infrastructure and economic development, and the pollutants that are being produced by various sources. Air pollutants are gases and aerosols in the atmosphere that cause harm to humans and the environment. The pollutants can be natural (volcanoes, fires, dust storms) and anthropogenic – caused by human activity – fuel, oil, […]

2020 Interior Design Trends by Designer Maxwell L. Alexander

2020 Millennial Interior Design Trends by Designer Maxwell Alexander

Top 10 Interior Design Trends for 2020 by Designer Maxwell Alexander #Millennials Just a few weeks ago I started working on 3 interior design projects exactly at the same time, they are still in their beginning stages and are to be brought to life sometime in 2020, so yes, as  Designers we often have to predict the future or as we call it – set the trends. So here is the Top 10 Interior Design Trends that also happened to be Millennial-inspired and driven: #10: Space-saving Interior Design The era of spectacularly oversized mansions is officially gone along with the […]

Solid waste: Is it time for a smaller garbage can?

Solid waste: Is it time for a smaller garbage can?

Solid waste: Is it time for a smaller garbage can? by Katya A Williams, Editor, Sustainability & Social Responsibility People are creatures of their habits and patterns, where purchasing goods makes a part of a person’s daily routine. American businesses produce and promote a wide variety of services and products, available and accessible anywhere and anytime, for shoppers with all possible needs and demands. America is the nation of consumers! The more goods humans buy and use, the more waste gets produced. American businesses and homes generate an overwhelming amount of trash, also known as municipal solid waste (MSW), which […]

For the Love of Wood - Infographic by Hudson Valley Style Magazine

For the Love of Wood – Why our World needs Wood

Why our world needs wood (BPT) – More than 30 years ago, the United Nations General Assembly established World Habitat Day, an important step in acknowledging that everyone deserves a safe place to live. However, housing availability in many cities is at a crisis level, where families have to choose between daily essentials and keeping roofs over their heads. Half of U.S. renters are living paycheck to paycheck because they’re spending more than 30 percent of their incomes on housing, according to the 2017 America’s Rental Housing Report — and that’s not just an issue felt in the U.S. but also […]