Save the Salamanders by avoiding tick and mosquito repellents with picaridin and DEET. Use natural bug repellents instead!

Save the Salamanders by choosing a natural tick and mosquito repellent without Picaridin or DEET

Turned out, Picaridin (chemical pesticide found in many insect repellents) not only repells mosquitos, temporarily comforting consumers but also kills predators like salamanders that control the populations of mosquitos, hence permanently increasing the number of mosquitos in the habitat. What a clever idea! Spray Picaridin bug spray to get rid of bugs, then go back to the store and buy more since the number of mosquitos will increase. By harming mosquito predators, picaridin may help mosquitoes survive “Insect repellents containing picaridin can be lethal to salamanders. So reports a new study published in Biology Letters that investigated how exposure to two common […]

How bad is your air? by Katya A Williams, Hudson Valley Style Magazine Editor, Sustainability and Social Responsibility

How bad is your air?

How bad is your air? by Katya A Williams, Hudson Valley Style Magazine Editor [ Sustainability and Social Responsibility ] Clean air is something many people are desperate for. Air quality varies from one region to another, and the way the air is treated and maintained highly depends on the infrastructure and economic development, and the pollutants that are being produced by various sources. Air pollutants are gases and aerosols in the atmosphere that cause harm to humans and the environment. The pollutants can be natural (volcanoes, fires, dust storms) and anthropogenic – caused by human activity – fuel, oil, […]

Landida™ Smart Landscapes

The American Dream sans Green Turf Grass Lawn

by Maxwell Alexander, CEO & Founder, Landida™ Smart Landscapes A luscious green lawn used to be a source of pride and a symbol of achieving the American Dream, well, at least for Babyboomers. They loved sugary drinks with artificial colors and flavors and dumped millions of tons of pesticides in their front yard to keep the grass greener on their side of the road, and neighbors jealous across the street. Good news for the Planet: the new generation of homeowners is in town! Millennials are way more eco-conscious, know that climate change is an actual thing, they prefer being healthy and cannot stand […]

10 reasons to plant a tree this spring - Hudson Valley Style Magazine

10 reasons to plant a tree this spring

10 reasons to plant a tree this spring (BPT) – Did you know planting a tree is one of the easiest and most powerful things you can do to have a positive impact on the environment? It’s true. Trees clean the air, prevent rainwater runoff, help you save energy and even combat global warming. And they’re a snap to plant! No horticultural degree required. With Arbor Day just around the corner in April, there’s no better time to give Mother Nature a little TLC by planting a tree. From the single homeowner in Nebraska planting a maple in her backyard […]