Home Staging 101 with Realtor Jessica Hill

Home Staging 101 with Realtor Jessica Hill: Start with a Deep Decluttering Process

To get your home staged for a fast sale, you need to start by deeply decluttering the rooms. When you declutter a home, you make it look bigger like it has more living space, which is something that appeals to potential buyers. It also prepares you for letting go and moving on the process and lets you show off your home. Most people use some rooms in their homes for things they weren’t intended to use the room for – and that can make a house look cramped to a buyer. Home Staging 101 with Realtor Jessica Hill: Start with […]

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Download Alexander Maxwell Realty Mobile App – Work with The Best Realtors in Hudson Valley

If you are looking to sell or buy a home in the Hudson Valley, you should work with the best real estate agents in the Hudson Valley! Alexander Maxwell Realty provides complimentary award-winning real-estate photography and a world-class strategic marketing package with every listing. We are not just the best at selling homes but we go beyond than most by bringing our expertise and experience in real estate investment, interior design, marketing, home staging, renovations & remodeling, commercial real estate photography, global marketing, and much more. Toni Ann Perry – Alexander Maxwell Realty Mobile App – The Best Realtors in […]

Contemporary Colonial Luxury Home in Poughkeepsie, New York by Toni Anne Perry, Licensed RE Salesperson, Alexander Maxwell Realty Photography by Maxwell Alexander, Duncan Avenue Group

Contemporary Colonial Luxury Home in Poughkeepsie, New York – Photography by Maxwell Alexander

On the New York real estate map of the best places to reside, Hudson Valley is the rising star. Residents love the region for its historical charm, natural surroundings, and luxurious yet organic lifestyle so close to the World’s Capital – New York City. The Hudson Valley is a world-class destination with everything you could want and more. It is home to a vibrant and sophisticated community of people who appreciate finer things in life and authentic quality experiences. Expect fine dining, art galleries, wineries, hiking trails, and fascinating historical sites all set amongst lush countryside and of course the […]

5 Tasks to Do Before House Hunting in the Hudson Valley

House hunting can be exhilarating, exhausting, confusing, and frustrating all at once. Purchasing a home is a big decision, and big decisions sometimes come with mental and emotional challenges. So use the unexpected downtime this spring to do some homework online and get ready for the successful househunting season as soon as the coronavirus emergency passes by. 5 Tasks to Do Before House Hunting in Upstate New York by Dino Alexander, Licensed RE Broker, CEO Alexander Maxwell Realty One of the ways to lessen the blow of any challenge is to be prepared for it, and house hunting is no […]

Avoid these first-time home seller mistakes if you are trying to sell your Hudson Valley home

Selling a home in the Hudson Valley can be exciting and frustrating all at the same time. Of course, you’ll increase your excitement and lessen your frustration if you sell your house quickly and efficiently. But to sell your house fast, you’re going to need to make sure you’re not making any mistakes that could lead to buyers passing over your home. If it is your first time selling a house, consider these common mistakes that sellers make prior to putting their home on the market. Common Mistakes People Make When Trying to Sell Their Home in the Hudson Valley […]

Custom Lighting Design - Modern Rustci Interior Design - Luxury Hudson Valley Home for Sale - Almax Realty - The Best Real Estate in the Hudson Valley

Luxury Summer Paradise with Heated Pool and Organic Garden, right here in the Hudson Valley!

Listing Information provided by: Alexander Maxwell Realty  / Listing Agent: Dino Alexander (Licensed Real Estate Broker) / Phone: 845-518-2750 / Web: almaxrealty.com Welcome to the Luxury Summer Paradise/Winter Wonderland in Rock Tavern, NY! This luxury home has been completely rebuilt in 2010 and further improved with trendy modern rustic style interiors and exquisite landscaping design featuring Hudson Valley-native shrubs, trees, rocks, and grass, heated pool with LED lighting and standalone jacuzzi tub. Wake up to the sunrise shining through double glass doors on the east side of the house and watch the warm sunset rays shining through plenty of energy-efficient […]

Luxury Hudson Valley Home for Sale - Almax Realty - The Best Real Estate in the Hudson Valley


欢迎您到豪华避暑天堂/冬季仙境在摇滚小酒馆,纽约!这豪华住宅已于2010年被完全重建,并进一步与时尚的现代乡村风格的内饰和精致的园林绿化设计,具有哈德逊河谷原生灌木,树木,岩石,草,加热LED照明和独立的按摩浴缸池改善。 醒来的时候,日出通过双层玻璃门上的房子的东侧明媚,看夕阳温暖通过光线充足的西节能窗和法式门的光亮。浸成蓝色的温水游泳池或游览风景优美的理由。骑亚视进入树林的私人步道之一就在这里广阔的4英亩的财产,或探索世界一流的远足目的地只有几分钟的路程。或者,如果你更喜欢留在家里煮的惊人的厨师的厨房和有机蔬菜园右美味的有机食品在前院! 卓越的品质装修,节能的智能公用事业,世界一流的室内设计,可持续材料,和正宗的哈得孙河谷风格使这个独特的属性真正的房地产宝石和一次在一个千载难逢的投资机会,拥有一个交钥匙的第二家园哈德逊山谷的心脏。 现代智能平面图和户外生活 俯瞰美丽的哈德逊河谷的天际线与许多窗户上的家的每一个方面,它开放的感觉,宽敞明亮。该卷绕多层次的甲板上欢迎并激励你自己的方式加热按摩浴缸或迷人的温水游泳池。通过双层玻璃法式门多层次户外甲板无缝流入的开放式厨房和客厅准备家庭聚会,娱乐和鼓舞人心的日常生活。一个完整的设计浴室座落在家里的主要水平。主卧室在一楼的好,有一个连接SPA品质设计的浴室。 正宗的哈得孙河谷风格的厨房设计 厨房是任何家庭的心脏,这家现代化的乡村厨房是一个经验丰富的厨师或一个有抱负的YouTube烹饪节目主持人完美的游乐场。这不是厨房的刚大小,也是当代和环保意识的功能,是如此令人印象深刻。 美丽的花岗岩台面 这个厨房里有一个很有特色的感谢,以高端和花岗岩台面的精致的外观。 不锈钢能源之星电器。 不锈钢能源之星电器在这个惊人的,功能齐全的厨房的整体交响乐的一个重要协议。他们被安置在最有效的方式,以确保一个简单的烹饪过程。 硬木厨柜仿古木口音 相比于其他建材,木材留下的碳排放量。当树木可持续采伐和加工成的产品,他们继续储存碳,并保持它的气氛。木材干重的一半是碳,所以每次木材家具等装修工程中使用,它作为碳库也是如此。 高端现代仿古浴室 定制的浮动面盆,搭叠镶板,瓷砖,设计师的LED灯具,空间丰富和存储创建温泉品质体验。酒店的浴室配有独特的设计也是如此。