Love is in the Air – The Spring Fashion Issue Preview - Hudson Valley Style Magazine

Love is in the Air – The Spring Fashion Issue Preview

We are excited to publish the amazing work presented by our Contributing Style Editor Marina Welz from Düsseldorf, Germany. Love is in the Air – The Spring Fashion Issue Preview – Hudson Valley Style Magazine Campaign for ETHNOLOVE ACCESSORIES Creative Director @lena.gergerdt Style @marina_welz MUAH Alexandra Likschin Photography @alla_rodionova_fotograf Model @anastasia_mohylna   advertising

Spring cleaning for spring allergies: 6 steps from the experts

Spring cleaning for spring allergies: 6 steps from the experts

As days grow longer and new blooms appear, it can only mean one thing: Spring is here and with it comes the task of spring cleaning. For people with allergies, spring cleaning does more than spruce up a home. When done correctly, it removes dust, mold, dander, and other allergy triggers so you can feel your best. “There are specific things you can do while cleaning that can dramatically improve allergy symptoms,” says Dr. J. Allen Meadows, allergist and president of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology. “When you spring clean to remove allergens, you can breathe easier […]

Coming Soon: The Spring 2020 Fashion Issue of the Hudson Valley Style Magazine

Coming Soon: The Spring 2020 Fashion Issue of the Hudson Valley Style Magazine

Stay tuned for our very first Fashion Issue, featuring Spring 2020 Hudson Valley Fashion Photo Story by Helena Palazzi with Viktoria Viktorenkova of Supreme Models in New York City. Contributing Photo Editor/Photographer and Art Direction: Helena Palazzi Model: Viktoria Viktorenkova @ Supreme Models, NY Wardrobe/Styling: Leah Levin Hair: Hikari Tezuka @art department, NY Makeup: Marie-Josèe Leduc @art department, NY

Support environment friendly business. Support local. Support each other.

Crisis and shelter in place allowed many to reevaluate the past, contemplate the present, and wonder about the future. These critical times brought us all together by making us want to reach out to our loved ones and even reconnect with long lost friends across the world and realize how much we care about them and how happy they are to hear from us. By looking at the most recent satellite photos, we are also learning that we might not be the only ones who’s been using this time to reflect – our planet took a deep breath as well, […]

The Best Natural Hand Sanitizer

DA Aromatherapy Hand Sanitizer – Hudson Valley Style Magazine Product Review

This is my first time using a natural hand sanitizer – what a difference! by Katya A Williams, Sustainability and Social Responsibility Editor I love to cook, so I spend a lot of time browsing around the grocery store, where I use a lot of hand sanitizer. Calming and energizing hand sanitizer with essential oils is a life saver. I tried Zen Garden and Feel Awesome with organic lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, and chamomile essential oils. Not only they are 99.9% effective against most germs, they also smell AMAZING and feel really good on my hands. It’s a small 2.7 oz. […]

You Are Your Brand - Personal Branding Bootcamp by Coach Maxwell Alexander

The Story of How Branding has Become Personal by Coach Maxwell Alexander

Back in my School of Visual Arts days (less than a decade ago) we were all like “branding is all about consistency, consistency is the king…”  Boy oh boy, have we gone far from that! As we all know the universe exponentially expands while speeding up in the process. Big Bang is the ultimate concept that can precisely describe socio-economic processes within human civilization: empires are born, expand then fade away. Real Estate bubbles grow, expand then blow up. Economists and mathematicians are busy creating models that supposed to predict the speed of expansion, but technology keeps raining on their parade. […]

Maitopia - Modern Rustic Energy Efficient Retreat in Red Hook, NY - Photo Story by Maxwell Alexander

Fresh air, inspiring design, warmth and comfort… Maitopia Photo Story by Maxwell Alexander

Escape the craziness for a few days and keep a healthy distance from the rest of the World in Maitopia, Hudson Valley’s hidden modern rustic gem in the middle of the woods in Red Hook, New York. This beautifully designed passive glass & wood modern cabin offers elegant details and the warmth that only an upstate energy-efficient retreat could. With a soaking egg tub, fires at every turn and a year-round hot pool you will fall in love with the place and the towns nearby. Not to mention Hudson Valley parks and hiking trails that are open for business and […]

Get your glow on: 6 tips to make your skin and hair shine

Get your glow on: 6 tips to make your skin and hair shine

(BPT) – Face it, winter is brutal for your skin and hair. Between the harsh, cold wind outside and the dry, overheated air inside, it’s hard to look your best all winter long. On top of that, everyone tends to overindulge in unhealthy food and drinks during the winter months. Fortunately, there are strategies you can use to enhance your looks while boosting your body’s natural ability to fight off the ill effects of winter. Here are some tips to look your best — even when the weather does its worst. Treat your skin with TLC Gently cleanse, exfoliate and […]

Hiking Mount Beacon in New York with Fitness and Bodybuilding Coach Maxwell Alexander

Hiking Mt. Beacon in Beacon, NY with Fitness Coach Maxwell Alexander

Spring is officially here and I opened the 2020 hiking season in the Hudson Valley with my favorite hike of all times – the Mount Beacon in Beacon, NY. Even though the leaves are not out yet, the weather was nice and sunny, almost 60 degrees outside, so it definitely felt like Spring. I know that ticks are out and about, hunting for unsuspecting hikers when the temperature is above 45 degrees, so I knew for sure that when it’s 60 degrees out, it’s time to carry the best natural tick repellent you can find. It was a bit unexpected to see […]

Thought, quarantine was a vacation? Things just got serious. Continuing the conversation on the spread of COVID-19 and what to do during these unprecedented times.

Thought, quarantine was a vacation? Things just got more serious…

To call it “strange” would be an understatement. Uncertainty and anxiety took over the globe and put the entire world on hold. Total absence of toilet paper, empty shelves in grocery stores, closure of all casinos on Las Vegas Strip, worldwide shortage of face masks and ventilators, stock market is the worst since the Great Depression, unemployment rate may soar to 30%, Olympic Games postponed for one year: Is it really happening? The Governor of New York signs an executive order to put the whole state on PAUSE, closing all nonessential offices effective at 8PM on Sunday, March 22. COVID-19 […]

5 Tasks to Do Before House Hunting in the Hudson Valley

House hunting can be exhilarating, exhausting, confusing, and frustrating all at once. Purchasing a home is a big decision, and big decisions sometimes come with mental and emotional challenges. So use the unexpected downtime this spring to do some homework online and get ready for the successful househunting season as soon as the coronavirus emergency passes by. 5 Tasks to Do Before House Hunting in Upstate New York by Dino Alexander, Licensed RE Broker, CEO Alexander Maxwell Realty One of the ways to lessen the blow of any challenge is to be prepared for it, and house hunting is no […]

Focus your bathroom remodel with a striking visual statement

Focus your bathroom remodel with a striking visual statement

There is nothing more inviting than a luxurious, well-appointed bathroom, but no matter how ambitious the remodel, there are unique challenges that come with every project. Whether updating the guest powder room or redesigning the master bathroom of your dreams, from plumbing and lighting to budget and space limitations, there is a lot to be considered. One way to approach a project is by defining the space through singular choices that will move an everyday interior into a space to remember: an extraordinary marble vanity, exquisite lighting fixture, classic vessel sink or deep soaking tub — pivotal pieces can set […]