Holiday Gift Ideas 2020: Le Labo Discovery Set

Holiday Gift Ideas 2020: Le Labo Fragrances Discovery Set

Le Labo has become a household name synonymous with complexity, individuality, and indulgence, but the New York City perfumer remains close to its roots. After fourteen years, Le Labo’s products are still reminiscent of the brand Eddie Roschi and Fabrice Penot first took to market. And even under the umbrella of Estée Lauder Companies, Le Labo remains dedicated to the small batch, hand-crafted quality that put them in the spotlight to begin with.

Holiday Gift Ideas 2020: Le Labo Fragrances Discovery Set
by Mick Stahlberg, Contributing Editor, Lifestyle and Wellness

Le Labo has since expanded its product lines to include a broad spectrum of fragrance experiences. From body washes and lotions to artfully crafted diffusers and candles, there is a different way to enjoy Le Labo’s signature scents no matter what you’re looking for. 

Fragrance is a powerful, nostalgic, evocative tool that influences the way people experience you. Likewise, it amplifies your experience of everything and everyone else, which is why the scent of your home, your lover, your linens, and your clothes should be hard thought and intentional. 

Le Labo’s home creations are a great way to familiarize yourself with their unique fragrance blends. At $75 for an 8.6oz candle, you are forced to put a little skin in the game to see what Le Labo is all about. I think that is extremely important, because when you fork out $75 for a small candle based on the description alone (unless you live near one of their labs), you spend a lot more time trying to understand and appreciate what they created. 

There is a similar effect when you gift a Le Labo candle to someone else. It is a high enough price point to implicate your thought behind the purchase, and it makes a hell of a statement compared to some dollar store option that you can buy in a  checkout line. It gives the receiver something to discover and experience instead of something that achieves the same effect as a gas station air freshener. However, sometimes you strike out when you’re purchasing blindly.

When you’re buying something for yourself, making a poor selection is not the end of the world; I just stuck Laurier 62 in my bathroom. But you don’t want to strike out when you’re Christmas shopping for someone you care about. Le Labo’s Discovery Set allows you to give someone a personalized experience without committing to one fragrance. It enables them to experience the full range of fragrances and pick a favorite, so you don’t have to bank on just one (especially if you haven’t purchased any Le Labo products before).

At $80, the Discovery Set gets you three mini glass votives for roughly the price of one candle. This includes the scents of “Figue 15,” “Palo Santo 14” (my favorite), and “Petit Grain 21.” You can look up the descriptions on their site, but if you’re an uncultured swine like me, it probably won’t help. Put some trust in them and it will be worth it. All of the fragrances in this set are fantastic, and you can also personalize the label with the receiver’s name.  These are some of the most aesthetically and aromatically pleasing candles on the market, so if you are stumped in your search for the perfect gift, take a look at what Le Labo has to offer.


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