Duncan Avenue Studios – The Future of Social Media Management is Here

Duncan Avenue Studios - The Future of Social Media Management is Here – The Best Social Media Marketing Agency

Social media has become an important part of doing business in the twenty-first century, but many companies have trouble figuring out how to stay on top of it all. Duncan Avenue Studios – Social Media Management and Production Agency is here to help with their innovative approach to local geotagged, original content with no stock photos on any platform. They’re capable of handling your social media needs wherever you want them to be, whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter or the newer players like TikTok and Pinterest.

Local, Geotagged Social Media Content

Duncan Avenue Studios is based in New York City but has boots on the ground in every corner of the Globe. One thing that makes us unique is our focus on producing original, local, geotagged content for every project. When we post social media updates, you’ll see them from a local and relevant perspective (not a stock photo that has been used a million times by a million other brands). Another thing that differentiates us is our focus on storytelling via social media. We want people to know where their favorite businesses are located, so we’re constantly posting visual updates from your neighborhood or about locations and experiences near each business. Whether it’s original product photography, fashion and lifestyle photoshoots, or even boudoir shots, with Duncan Avenue Studios you can get unique, local content each and every time—and that’s just how it should be!

Data-driven copywriting

Do you really need generic taglines? Duncan Avenue Studio’s philosophy is that using stock photos and generic canned information isn’t going to help you stand out. Why? Because no one has any reason to believe your social media marketing will be any different from anyone else’s. On top of that, social media AI can recognize copied stock content without location signature and will simply downgrade your account performance. Instead, our photographers produce local geotagged photos and videos, while our copywriters write data-driven SEO optimized text for original content about products and services you offer, so your business can put a real face on its social media presence. This data-driven approach to copywriting allows us to create fresh, engaging content specifically tailored for your audience and location—something other agencies simply don’t do.

Duncan Avenue Studios - The Future of Social Media Management is Here – The Best Social Media Marketing Agency
Duncan Avenue Studios – The Future of Social Media Management is Here – The Best Social Media Marketing Agency

Original and Authentic Social Media Content

Duncan Avenue Studios creates original, high-quality social media content from scratch. We don’t use stock photos or pay for influencer shoutouts. Instead, we take pride in our ability to provide fresh, original social media content for every single one of our clients. Our goal is to improve how companies engage with their customers on social media by using only what’s best: real people and real content that are tagged with location and time data. We will never post generic, boring content!

No stock photos. Ever.

Duncan Avenue Studios is not your typical social media management agency. We don’t use stock photos, even in our promotional materials. It might sound like a small thing, but it speaks volumes about our team and how we go about our work. Our team of social media managers and producers is led by Maxwell Alexander – a world-class brand strategist who elevated brand value for hundreds of companies, startups, non-profits, and governmental agencies all around the Globe. For our team, there is no such thing as good enough; at Duncan Avenue Studios, we only create original content for all our clients.

Marketing with Content Art Directed by Experts

At Duncan Avenue Studios, we take pride in our integrated marketing approach and original content production. We find that when you’re talking about local businesses and services, geotagged local photos help your brand feel more personable and trusted, plus search engines value the effort as well and rank your content as more trustworthy. A little finesse goes a long way—don’t underestimate how important it is to work with someone who understands all aspects of social media management. Choose Duncan Avenue Studios Social Media Marketing Agency today! Learn more and sign up at duncanavenue.com