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Intro to Bodybuilding Sport – by Coach Maxwell Alexander

The sport of bodybuilding has grown steadily in popularity over the years. From its heyday in the 1970’s to now, technological advances as well as nutritional advances have made body building a sport that focuses on the art of the human body and what is possible when it is pushed. Intro to Bodybuilding Sport – by Coach Maxwell Alexander, MA, BFA, Certified Elite Fitness Trainer, Certified Bodybuilding Coach, Certified Sports Nutritionist, Fitness Photographer Bodybuilding is more than just lifting weights, however. To have an effective bodybuilding program, you have to focus on many different things – especially if you are […]

Welcome aboard, Naomi Harris! – Interview and Photo Story by Maxwell Alexander

Welcome aboard, Naomi Harris! – Interview with Maxwell Alexander

Maxwell: Hello, Naomi and welcome to the Hudson valley Style Magazine’s Editorial Team! Wow! We are really fortunate to have you and so looking forward to creating amazing Fitness, Lifestyle and Wellness Content with you! I know it all, but please, tell out readers about yourself! What is your story? Welcome to the Hudson Valley Style Magazine, Naomi Harris! – Interview and Photography by Maxwell Alexander (Duncan Avenue Studios) Naomi: Thank you for having me here, I am honored! I am a true local to the Hudson Valley, born & raised in Kingston. Having grown up athletic, I earned my […]

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The Canadian Rockies: Trail Of The Grizzly – Hiking Adventures with Maxwell Alexander

Over and over the huge grizzly bear stabs her powerful paw into the mountain river, fishing for her breakfast in the chilly, shallow water. A cool, crisp mountain breeze drifts through the valley; moist morning dew blankets the ground. The soothing sound of running water plays continuously as the sun scales the mountain peaks and illuminates the dawn sky. There can be few places on earth with the raw, natural beauty displayed throughout the Rocky Mountains. Vast forests race up the huge grey, granite faces until the grade becomes too steep to support the great myriad of roots. Songs of […]

The Story of Weightlifting Competitions with Certified Bodybuilding Coach Maxwell Alexander

The History of Weightlifting Competitions with Bodybuilding Coach Maxwell Alexander

In ancient times, testing of one’s manhood was done by weight lifting. They would lift heavy stones such as Bluestones of old Dailly, Dinnie Stones, and Inver stone to show the power moreover it was a matter of prestige to the tribal kingdom in ancient times. The History of Weightlifting Competitions with Certified Bodybuilding Coach Maxwell Alexander Considering the available facts, weightlifting competitions first began in Europe in the late 1880 and the champion of the competition was crowned in 1891. In those periods, there were no other subdivisions and the crown went to the man able to lift the […]

Training the New generation of Bodybuilders: Millennials!

Training the New generation of Bodybuilders: Here we go, Millennials!

Training the New generation of Bodybuilders: Millennials! by Certified Fitness Trainer/Bodybuilding Coach Maxwell Alexander I must assume that most of my bodybuilding clients will be Millennials, representatives of the new generation of consumers currently holding the most purchasing power in the United States, plus within the prime age for getting into a hobby like bodybuilding. Millennials are very different from the previous generations of athletes, bodybuilders specifically. There are several factors that distinguish them, especially when it comes to goals and motivation behind their decisionmaking. First of all, they are very environmentally and health-conscious. Fitness goals, including bodybuilding goals, must […]