April Snowscapes: The Enchanting Pond Life Farmhouse in the Catskills Captured by a Nature Photographer – Wellness Travel with Maxwell Alexander

In the heart of the serene Catskill Mountains, I discovered an enchanting escape that defies the conventions of seasonal change. As a travel and nature photographer, my journey often leads me to places where time seems to stand still, and my recent retreat to Pond Life Farmhouse in Bloomville, NY, was a testament to […]

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Gay Traveler’s Paradise: Beyond Serenity at The Luxury Villa in the Hudson Valley

The fire crackled warmly, casting a golden glow on the sleek lines of Twilight Serenity, an architectural marvel nestled amidst the tranquil embrace of Hudson Valley’s farmland. But this shoot wasn’t just about capturing a stunning villa; it was about showcasing a haven for the discerning LGBTQ+ traveler. Gay Traveler’s Paradise: Beyond Serenity at […]

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A Glimpse Through My Lens - The Broadview Farmhouse – Airbnb Review by Photographer Maxwell Alexander – Presented by Alluvion Media

A Glimpse Through My Lens – The Broadview Farmhouse in the Catskills – Airbnb Photographer Maxwell Alexander

As a travel photographer, I’ve always appreciated places with history, authenticity, and a touch of the spectacular. The Broadview Farmhouse in East Durham is all of these things and more. I was initially drawn to its Airbnb listing by its picturesque appeal and the prospect of capturing the essence of this 1850s gem with […]

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