Landida Smart Landscapes

2018 Style and Design Awards Winner: Landida Smart Landscapes

2018 Style and Design Awards Nomination: Landida Smart Landscapes America is Converting to Smart Landscapes Climate Change is here and those who want to survive are adapting! Let’s adapt to the new reality in style! To be exact in modern,  sophisticated, sustainable, environmentally friendly and fashionable style! Landida™ landscapes are designed to reduce or completely forgo the use of precious energy, fresh water, harmful pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers. Yet they are human and pet-friendly, visually pleasing, evergreen, eco-conscious and virtually maintenance free.

Landida™ Smart Landscapes

The American Dream sans Green Turf Grass Lawn

by Maxwell Alexander, CEO & Founder, Landida™ Smart Landscapes A luscious green lawn used to be a source of pride and a symbol of achieving the American Dream, well, at least for Babyboomers. They loved sugary drinks with artificial colors and flavors and dumped millions of tons of pesticides in their front yard to keep the grass greener on their side of the road, and neighbors jealous across the street. Good news for the Planet: the new generation of homeowners is in town! Millennials are way more eco-conscious, know that climate change is an actual thing, they prefer being healthy and cannot stand […]