The 5 Best Tips for Kettlebell Training – with Coach Maxwell Alexander

The 5 Best Tips for Kettlebell Training + Kettlebell Workout Video by Coach Maxwell Alexander

People who do kettlebell training lose a lot of excess fat from their bodies remarkably fast. Professional athletes also use it as part of their workout routine. It’s better to train with kettlebells than boring old dumbbells and cables. Because of that, many people ignore the possibility that kettlebells are dangerous, too, if misused. […]

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Discover the Best Kettlebell Exercises with Coach Maxwell Alexander, MA, BFA, Certified Elite Fitness Trainer, Bodybuilding Coach, Sports Nutrition Coach, Fitness Photographer

Discover the Best Bodybuilding Kettlebell Exercises with Coach Maxwell Alexander

Kettlebell Training has become super popular in recent years and I often recommend my clients to incorporate kettlebell workouts in their bodybuilding programs. The key to success when doing resistance and bodybuilding training is consistency with variation. You need to exercise regularly to build up your strength and stamina. Many people are able to […]

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