The Ultimate Guide to Men's Summer Style – 2022 Fashion Trends

The Ultimate Guide to Men’s Summer Style – 2022 Fashion Trends

Last year’s promotional guide on how to look great in summer has been one of the most popular content pieces we’ve ever done. It seems people just can’t get enough of the HARD NEW YORK brand, and they want to see what we have to say about this season’s hot trends too! That’s why we decided to update it with the latest looks from our designer bracelets, clothing, accessories, underwear, and swimwear collections. Whatever the season, whatever your style, there are always new ways to wear our stuff. This Summer we are also featuring the Wai Wear brand with their […]

Discover the Best Men's Fashion Accessories by HARD NEW YORK – Lifestyle, Fashion, Fitness and Bodybuilding Photography by Maxwell Alexander – Duncan Avenue Studios – New York

How to Get into Bodybuilding Contests through Professional Bodybuilding Photography

Many people who are big into bodybuilding get interested in entering bodybuilding contests to show off their physiques. These are great places to build confidence and motivate you to continue with your bodybuilding program. When you decide to start competing in bodybuilding contests, there are some things you should know first, and one of them is the importance of having professional bodybuilding photos to qualify for competitions. But first things first. To begin with, attend a few contests before you enter one. Watch how the participants put together their program and what the winners do that the others don’t. See […]

Professional Bodybuilding Photography by Maxwell Alexander – Best Gay OnlyFans Fitness Model

Professional Bodybuilding Photography by Maxwell Alexander

If you are serious about bodybuilding, you will want to have photos that document your progress down the road towards having a beautifully sculpted body. When you are able to have a progression of photography that will show your bodybuilding journey, you could possibly motivate others to go down the same path you have taken. You may want to start out by looking at photos of bodybuilding phenomenon who are already where you want to be. You can find some great photos of body specimens at a variety of websites. Check out my gallery of bodybuilding motivation photo prints on canvas […]