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Spring is here! Hiking Adventures Await! Hiking tips and more…

Strap on your boots and hit the trails Before you head out on your next big hike, be sure to check out these Hudson Valley hiking tips. We’ve got everything from expert advice to personal stories of local trails, so you’ll be prepared with the knowledge you need to have an amazing time on your hike! If you’re ready to start planning your Hudson Valley hiking adventure, read on! How to prepare your body It might sound cliché, but you have to make sure you’re mentally ready for a hike. The most important thing to remember is that hiking is […]

The real Dangers of Picaridin - Fire Salamander

The Real Dangers of Picaridin – Yet again, Big Pharma Tricks Consumers into Destroying Ecosystems

We’ve been there before: tobacco, lead, DEET, and now Picaridin! Big Box stores along with Big Pharma are selling lethal poison to consumers wrapped in sweet and shiny marketing. In recent years awareness of the health and environmental dangers caused by the chemical pesticide DEET has increased dramatically and it has led to a dramatic decline in sales of insect repellents containing the poisonous pollutant. The chemical industry had to synthesize something fresh, new, and cheap, so they did: marketed as a “safer alternative to DEET” pesticide Picaridin has become a staple in chemical insect repellents. Turned out, Picaridin not […]