The 5 Best Tips for Kettlebell Training – with Coach Maxwell Alexander

The 5 Best Tips for Kettlebell Training + Kettlebell Workout Video by Coach Maxwell Alexander

People who do kettlebell training lose a lot of excess fat from their bodies remarkably fast. Professional athletes also use it as part of their workout routine. It’s better to train with kettlebells than boring old dumbbells and cables. Because of that, many people ignore the possibility that kettlebells are dangerous, too, if misused. The 5 Best Tips for Kettlebell Training + Kettlebell Workout Video by Coach Maxwell Alexander Thousands of people have pulled a muscle or strained a ligament after using kettlebells incorrectly. Kettlebells are easy to use for anyone. It consists of only one handle to grab and […]

Welcome aboard, Naomi Harris! – Interview and Photo Story by Maxwell Alexander

Welcome aboard, Naomi Harris! – Interview with Maxwell Alexander

Maxwell: Hello, Naomi and welcome to the Hudson valley Style Magazine’s Editorial Team! Wow! We are really fortunate to have you and so looking forward to creating amazing Fitness, Lifestyle and Wellness Content with you! I know it all, but please, tell out readers about yourself! What is your story? Welcome to the Hudson Valley Style Magazine, Naomi Harris! – Interview and Photography by Maxwell Alexander (Duncan Avenue Studios) Naomi: Thank you for having me here, I am honored! I am a true local to the Hudson Valley, born & raised in Kingston. Having grown up athletic, I earned my […]

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The Canadian Rockies: Trail Of The Grizzly – Hiking Adventures with Maxwell Alexander

Over and over the huge grizzly bear stabs her powerful paw into the mountain river, fishing for her breakfast in the chilly, shallow water. A cool, crisp mountain breeze drifts through the valley; moist morning dew blankets the ground. The soothing sound of running water plays continuously as the sun scales the mountain peaks and illuminates the dawn sky. There can be few places on earth with the raw, natural beauty displayed throughout the Rocky Mountains. Vast forests race up the huge grey, granite faces until the grade becomes too steep to support the great myriad of roots. Songs of […]