How Much Does Professional Real Estate Photography Cost?

How Much Does Professional Real Estate Photography Cost?

Are you planning to sell your home or vacation rental property? You may be wondering how much it will cost to have your property professionally photographed, so you can put together the perfect listing on VRBO, Airbnb, Craigslist, or another real estate website. The average cost of real estate photography varies widely depending on whether you’re hiring an experienced professional real estate photographer who specializes in real estate photography and what kind of images you want them to produce for you.

What Is The Average Cost Of A Home Photography Shoot?
The truth is that every home photography shoot costs different amounts depending on where you live, what kind of equipment you’re using, and who’s doing your photoshoot. Generally speaking, a professional home photographer will charge between $400 and $1,500 to photograph a property for sale or rent. To be clear, you can certainly pay less than that—and many do—but for high-quality photos that attract buyers or renters in today’s competitive market there’s no getting around it: at least some money has to change hands.

First, Choose a Photographer
A good vacation rental photography service will offer a range of package options and prices. Whether you’re shooting for a small or large real estate site, you can find packages that include unlimited photographs, multiple angles, and views, even video footage. It might seem overwhelming at first, but once you know what your needs are and how much time you have to prepare before your shoot date, it should be easy to determine which package is right for you. Some services may even offer free consultation calls so that they can get to know your needs better before quoting a price—this is definitely something to look into! You don’t want to hire just any photographer; make sure they are experienced in what they do before signing on with them.

How Will They Promote My Listings?
One of your main goals as a vacation rental owner is to make sure that prospective guests are able to find you, and when they do, that you’re priced competitively. Marketing is an important part of selling your listing, but how much does it cost to market with professional photography? As with any business venture, there are multiple strategies for marketing; however, real estate photography tends to be an effective means of promotion.

Do I Need To Pay For Travel?
Depending on your travel preferences, you might be able to shoot VRBO photography in-house. However, if you’re looking for Airbnb photography professionals to capture locations around your property or hosts’ homes, it may be better to hire a local photographer who specializes in vacation rental photography. An experienced photographer can also help improve SEO and boost your online reputation as a host by producing eye-catching images that will encourage potential customers to consider booking your home. But just how much does professional real estate photography cost?

Are There Any Additional Fees?
Many real estate photography services will charge a fee for any additional photos you may want to buy or if they need to reshoot anything. Make sure you’re being quoted a package price, not just per photo. We think most of our clients find what we provide valuable enough that they don’t have extra shots at checkout; however, you should know that your photographer is giving you a complete experience with everything included. Just know there might be an add-on cost for extras if you find yourself wanting more images than expected!

What’s The Typical Time Frame From When I Hire Them Until The Photos Are Ready To Go Live On Airbnb Or Another Vacation Rental Site?
Many travel photography companies are able to turn around professional photos within a week. You may be able to find photographers who can meet your needs faster than that, but keep in mind that a speedy turnaround isn’t always best when it comes to producing quality photography. Most reputable Airbnb photography agencies will schedule an appointment for you and ensure everything is completed prior to handing over all of your photos; I prefer working with agencies like that because there are fewer chances of miscommunication and a smoother overall experience. As long as you provide clear expectations, you should end up with excellent results!

Where Can I Get A Good Deal On Home Photography Services?
Finding a good deal on real estate photography services can be tough, especially if you aren’t sure how to find a place that provides them at an affordable rate. While there are certainly many options out there, I would recommend you start with your local real estate agents or other individuals who have used VRBO photography services in order to get a feel for what it costs. When dealing with commercial services, make sure you compare apples to apples and look for those that offer different packages based on size and number of images included.