Fashion Tips for Men – Sync Your Clothes and Body Type

fashion tips for men – mens fashion and accessories

Do you have knowledge of the right dressing sense? Most of us like to wear fashionable clothes. We least bother whether it goes on with our body type or not. All of us need to have some knowledge as far as dressing is concerned. Here are some clothing tips for men that can help them to decide a perfect wear for their different body type.

Short Waist Men

Short waist men should avoid wearing jeans and pants as much as they can. Avoid wearing short lengthy tank tops as they tend to highlight your short waist. A combination of pink shirt and black trouser will not go with your body type as it would interfere with the vertical flow. It would always be advisable to keep an inch higher on waist while stitching your pants.

Long Waist Men

Long Waist men need to do things the other way round when compared to short waist men. You should wear jeans as much as you can. You can wear contrasting color T-shirts and a double breast jacket to prevent people’s eyes from falling on your legs. You could also opt for belts with a high buckle.

Men with flat butts

Are you worried about your flat butts? You need to take special attention about your pants. Wear pants that give you proper fitting. Straight long pants will go with your body type.

Fashion tips that can help

• Bigger and bolder patterns make you look bigger than what you actually are.

• Horizontal pattern clothe help you look wider

• Vertical pattern clothes help you look taller and thinner.

Men dressing tips for an interview

• Avoid wearing any western men formal wear

• Pick up right color clothes and make a good combination of your business suit and tie.

• Avoid wearing double breast jacket for the interview

• Long sleeved T-shirt would be the most idle choice

• Silk Tie can do wonders to your clothing style

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