Hudson Valley Style Home Renovation Project - Woodstock, NY

Featured Hudson Valley Style Home Renovation Project: O’Connell’s Summer Residence in Woodstock, NY

Featured Hudson Valley Style Renovation Project: Myles & Desire O’Connell Summer Residence in Woodstock, NY Interview and Photography by Maxwell Alexander, Editor in Chief / Hudson Valley Style Magazine Myles & Desire O’Connell Brooklynites Myles and Desire O’Connell were frequent visitors to the Catskills and the Hudson Valley, up until they bumped into each other on a hike near Woodstock. Soon after, Myles proposed to Desire on the top of the Panther Mountain in Shandaken. It was a matter of time for them to start thinking about putting their roots down (even just for the Summer season as it usually […]

The real Dangers of Picaridin - Fire Salamander

The real dangers of Picaridin – yet again, Big Pharma tricks consumers into destroying ecosystems.

We’ve been there before: tobacco, lead, DEET and now Picaridin! Big Box stores along with Big Pharma are selling lethal poison to consumers wrapped in sweet and shiny marketing. In recent years awareness of the health and environmental dangers caused by chemical pesticide DEET has increased dramatically and it has led to a dramatic decline in sales of the insect repellents containing the poisonous pollutant. The chemical industry had to synthesize something fresh, new and cheap, so they did: marketed as a “safer alternative to DEET” pesticide Picaridin has become a staple in chemical insect repellents. Turned out, Picaridin not […]

Hudson Valley Hiking Adventures with Max & Dino

Hudson Valley Hiking Adventures: Overlook Mountain Woodstock, NY

Hudson Valley Hiking Adventures with Max & Dino Two weeks ago we were running around in t-shirts and celebrating Summer, but not on this beautiful yet crisp Saturday afternoon. Everyone knows that humans are the creatures of habits, but not everyone wants to face the truth. We are trying though! Things are more-less settled after our move to Kingston and we are finally squeezing some time to have actual “normal people’s” weekends when we can do something more laid back and less business-oriented. So, we (mostly I 🙂 ) decided to get in a habit of exploring nearby hiking trails, […]

Envision Distinction composite decking in Rustic Walnut.

How to create an outdoor living space you can enjoy all year long

How to create the outdoor sanctuary you’ve always wanted (BPT) – The dream of a perfect outdoor space where homeowners can enjoy the beauty of nature while still being completely comfortable is no longer limited to a specific climate or time of year. A one-of-a-kind all-seasons deck is possible if the right features are included in the design. The key is to combine features that protect from the elements, and then use the right materials to make it happen. Whether you’re revamping an existing area or creating a brand-new outdoor living space to enjoy all year long, the following deck […]