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Cozy split-level home with a stately colonial curb appeal in Poughquag, NY

Surrounded by beautiful nature on a quiet street, this home encompasses the serene and organic lifestyle that Hudson Valley has to offer. It’s the first time on the market for this great Hudson Valley home. It’s the first time on the market for this great Hudson Valley home. It was built in 1981, was wonderfully cared for and now the owners want to retire to be near their grandchildren. The Kitchen was expertly updated with custom wood cabinets, granite countertops, and stainless-steel appliances. The sink is a feature I just love! When the kitchen got its upgrade, a wall […]

Real Estate 101 with Jessica Hill: Understanding Escrow and Earnest Money

Real Estate 101 with Realtor Jessica Hill: Understanding Escrow and Earnest Money

The best real estate agents understand the importance of escrow and earnest money and can always get you up to speed with the definition of the terms. However, whether you are selling your home with an agent or on your own, you need to know what these are and how they apply to you. Real Estate 101 with Realtor Jessica Hill: Understanding Escrow and Earnest Money Jessica Hill, Realtor, Licensed Real Estate Salesperson Earnest money is just like it sounds. It means that the potential buyer is earnest in his desire to buy your home. While you don’t necessarily have […]

Hudson Valley Style Magazine - Summer 2020 Fashion Issue - Cover Story - Luisa Löffel

Cover Story – Summer 2020 Fashion Issue – Luisa Löffel

My name is Luisa I’m 23 years old and a model with albinism. I’ve always been interested in fashion and love to show my heritage through my style by wearing colorful scarves, my headwrap methods, and my hairstyles. Growing up I’ve always caught attention, I used to think it‘s because people thought I’m extremely cute. When I grew older I realized it’s my skin color that caused the attention. As a teenager, I tried to blend in to get less attention but I realized that I can’t conceal who I am and should express myself. “I want to stand out […]

Garden to glass: Fresh summer cocktails to make at home

Garden to glass: Fresh summer cocktails to make at home

(BPT) – Nothing says summer better than sipping a fresh, seasonal cocktail while you relax with family or a few friends. And what do you need to craft the perfect warm-weather cocktail? Follow two simple steps: 1. Select the perfect foundation Start with a versatile base spirit that can serve as the star of your drink — one that will complement the local, seasonal ingredients you will add to the cocktail. The Botanist Gin is the perfect foundation to your seasonal cocktail because it is distilled from a unique combination of hand-foraged, sustainably sourced botanicals that complement a wide range […]

Summer 2020 Fashion Edition - Hudson Valley Style Magazine

Summer 2020 Fashion Issue with Luisa Löffel

Coming soon to Amazon Bookshelf near you! In the Summer 2020 Fashion Edition, Hudson Valley Style truly goes global with amazing fashion photography by Alla Rodionova and Art Direction + Style and Makeup by Marina Welz. Together with the fashion model Luisa Löffel, the amazing “House of Chicks” team tells an inspiring and fashionable story of an albino girl of African descent who was born and raised in Germany. Look for the printed book on Amazon!  

Miranda Weinberger, Realtor, NYS Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, AlmaxRealty

Home or Vacation Getaway in the Hudson Valley: Either Way The Hudson Villa is an Absolute Perfection – Home Tour with Realtor Miranda Weinberger

Welcome to the Hudson Valley, a place many have declared as the new Hamptons. Perhaps it offers even more. Dino Alexander, CEO and principal broker at Alexander Maxwell Realty in the Hudson Valley says smart New Yorkers are investing in this close-to-home paradise and are aware of its rising reputation. “We see luxury homebuyers are shifting their focus from the Hamptons and Long Island to the Hudson Valley and upstate markets to get a better bang for their buck and to alleviate concerns over the rising sea levels and effects of climate change.” A mini breakaway to the valley has led many […]

A quick guide to bedroom decorating by Designer Maxwell Alexander

A quick guide to bedroom decorating by Designer Maxwell Alexander

When decorating a bedroom, keep in mind that the end result should produce a distinct and memorable impression. Colors, space, and decorations all set a bedroom’s relaxation mood, and when put together well, can create a definite, pleasurable look. When it comes to the arrangement of items in a bedroom, symmetry is the most important factor. The bedroom is your personal space and should not be cluttered with too many objects creating a claustrophobic effect. For a room to seem personal, special touches should be added that reflect your special loves and interests. This includes your favorite colors, books, photographs, […]

Building an Eco-Conscious, Feel Good, Functional Clothing Company in the Wake of Loss

A year and a half ago I lost Jo, my wife, childhood sweetheart, and mother of our two joyful children. At 39, our kids were opening their worlds to possibilities, and Jo and I were tenaciously building our careers – Jo shaping public education around the country and I running my celebrity/luxury goods photography business – in New Paltz, our little corner of the Hudson Valley. But soon our lives flipped upside down as Jo’s undetected liver condition brought us into hospitals – where we stayed for months before she unexpectedly passed. Our time in the hospital was shorter than […]

Luxury Hudson Valley Villa for Sale: 19 Greentree Lane, Chester, NY 10918, Orange County

Luxury Hudson Valley Villa for Sale in Chester, NY

Welcome to The Hudson Villa where you can experience the true magic of the Hudson Valley! Inspired by the majestic Aspen Summits, The Hudson Villa is a sophisticated and luxurious retreat that merges absolute privacy, inspiring architecture, and a dreamy summer paradise. The moment you see the distinguished waterfalls, exceptional masonry, and the warm cedar finishes throughout, you will know you are home. The Hudson Villa is named after its historic origin. Created by the renowned architect Paul Rudolf, the estate is a masterpiece of design and craftsmanship featuring a private white-sand beach and a resort-like setting less than an […]

The Hudson Villa - Hudson Valley's Hidden Luxury Gem

The Hudson Villa – Hudson Valley’s Hidden Luxury Gem

The Hudson Villa – Hudson Valley’s Hidden Luxury Gem by Maxwell Alexander, Editor-in-chief, Hudson Valley Style Magazine In New York City, everything you see is dynamic, even the luxury market. The old industrial areas here are transforming into high-end bohemian neighborhoods such as Tribeca, a vacation destination frequented by VIPs and has many trendy restaurants, boutiques, and luxury apartments. There’re stylish lofts in SoHo, an old commercial place where warehouses are converted into residential studios for artists. Attracting a trendy crowd looking for spacious luxury houses are the neighborhoods of West Village, Greenwich Village, and small Italy, all of which […]

Hudson Valley Home for Sale in Newburgh, NY - Alexander Maxwell Realty - Dino Alexander

Make Hudson Valley Your Home – Home for Sale in Newburgh, NY

Welcome to the beautiful traditional cape-cod style Hudson Valley home for sale in the heart of the Town of Newburgh. This home has been recently renovated with a modern rustic interior design style in mind and features sustainable/eco-friendly cedarwood finishes. Oversized 2 car garage, storage and workshop area, carport, and more than a half-acre yard space will give you plenty of room for at-home entertainment and an authentic Hudson Valley Style staycation. Set up a tent on your own front yard or drink your morning coffee in your rocking chair on the covered front porch surrounded by beautiful trees and […]

Spring 2020 - Fashion Edition - Hudson Valley Style Magazine - Viktoria Viktorenkova - Helena Palazzi - Maxwell Alexander

The Spring 2020 Fashion Issue has arrived!

Welcome to our very first Fashion Edition! Enjoy the amazing photography work by Helena Palazzi, Alla Rodionova, and Maxwell Alexander. Plus, read the interview with Dr. Brooke Bair of Luna Dermatology to find out what’s trending in skincare this Spring… Get your copy of the 2020 Spring Fashion Issue here >>