The real Dangers of Picaridin - Fire Salamander

The real dangers of Picaridin – yet again, Big Pharma tricks consumers into destroying ecosystems.

We’ve been there before: tobacco, lead, DEET and now Picaridin! Big Box stores along with Big Pharma are selling lethal poison to consumers wrapped in sweet and shiny marketing. In recent years awareness of the health and environmental dangers caused by chemical pesticide DEET has increased dramatically and it has led to a dramatic decline in sales of the insect repellents containing the poisonous pollutant. The chemical industry had to synthesize something fresh, new and cheap, so they did: marketed as a “safer alternative to DEET” pesticide Picaridin has become a staple in chemical insect repellents. Turned out, Picaridin not […]

Unpacking Earth Day and Environmental Justice – by Naomi Harris, Contributing Editor, Hudson Valley Style Magazine, Kingston, NY

Unpacking Earth Day and Environmental Justice – by Naomi Harris

Millennials, our grade school Earth Day memories are probably very similar: images of “Save The Earth!” posters & discussions centered around the the “3R’s” – reduce, reuse, recycle. Protecting the earth responsibilities meant that we were encouraged to simply take shorter showers, turn the lights off in every room, & snip plastic rings on packs of soda cans to save sea turtles. While taking actions of sustainable living to protect our environment is very important, here is the uncomfortable truth: most of what we learned about environmental justice growing up was flat-out greenwashing to shield government & major corporations from […]

3 healthy home projects to improve indoor environmental quality

3 Healthy Home Projects to Improve Indoor Environmental Quality

(BPT) – How healthy is your house? After spending more time at home due to quarantine and social distancing, many homeowners are asking themselves this question. This has inspired an increase in home improvements that go beyond aesthetic enhancements. Homeowners want eco-friendly upgrades that improve indoor environmental quality (IEQ), which means improvements that support the health and wellness of the people who live in the home. If you’re curious how to improve your home’s IEQ, here are three key projects to consider: 1. Hydronic radiant heating systems Conventional forced-air systems push heated air through ductwork in the walls and ceilings. […]

Support environment friendly business. Support local. Support each other.

Crisis and shelter in place allowed many to reevaluate the past, contemplate the present, and wonder about the future. These critical times brought us all together by making us want to reach out to our loved ones and even reconnect with long lost friends across the world and realize how much we care about them and how happy they are to hear from us. By looking at the most recent satellite photos, we are also learning that we might not be the only ones who’s been using this time to reflect – our planet took a deep breath as well, […]

Maitopia - Modern Rustic Energy Efficient Retreat in Red Hook, NY - Photo Story by Maxwell Alexander

Fresh air, inspiring design, warmth and comfort… Maitopia Photo Story by Maxwell Alexander

Escape the craziness for a few days and keep a healthy distance from the rest of the World in Maitopia, Hudson Valley’s hidden modern rustic gem in the middle of the woods in Red Hook, New York. This beautifully designed passive glass & wood modern cabin offers elegant details and the warmth that only an upstate energy-efficient retreat could. With a soaking egg tub, fires at every turn and a year-round hot pool you will fall in love with the place and the towns nearby. Not to mention Hudson Valley parks and hiking trails that are open for business and […]

Hiking Mount Beacon in New York with Fitness and Bodybuilding Coach Maxwell Alexander

Hiking Mt. Beacon in Beacon, NY with Fitness Coach Maxwell Alexander

Spring is officially here and I opened the 2020 hiking season in the Hudson Valley with my favorite hike of all times – the Mount Beacon in Beacon, NY. Even though the leaves are not out yet, the weather was nice and sunny, almost 60 degrees outside, so it definitely felt like Spring. I know that ticks are out and about, hunting for unsuspecting hikers when the temperature is above 45 degrees, so I knew for sure that when it’s 60 degrees out, it’s time to carry the best natural tick repellent you can find. It was a bit unexpected to see […]

Boost your home's curb appeal

Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal with Sustainable Building Materials

(BPT) – Looks matter and first impressions count! So to pique the interest of potential buyers, refresh your home’s exterior and boost the curb appeal with new siding. In-the-know design pros are choosing cypress siding for the upgrade. It looks great and can last a lifetime, no matter what Mother Nature might have in store. “Cypress siding offers the complete package,” says Zack Rickman of the Southern Cypress Manufacturers Association, “It’s not only beautiful, but it also offers proven outdoor performance by naturally repelling insects — like termites and carpenter bees — and minimizing decay, chemical corrosion, and other […]

Bringing the indoors out: 2020 outdoor living trends

Bringing the indoors out: 2020 outdoor living trends

(BPT) – 2020 outdoor living trends are all about enjoying your backyard alfresco — but with the comfort and ease, you expect from your indoor spaces. Today’s outdoor spaces are transforming into an extension of the home. The current outdoor design also takes into account the look and feel of your entire home, including the interior and exterior, building materials and surroundings. Connecting with nature: Biophilic design Biophilic design is achieved when natural elements are incorporated into space, helping people feel connected to the natural environment. It creates a calm, tranquil space and reduces stress. Biophilia makes sense for indoor […]

Odièle Skincare- French Indulgence - Effortless, Effective, and Dripping Hudson Valley Luxury

Odièle Skincare- French Indulgence – Effortless, Effective, and Dripping Hudson Valley Luxury

If you ask Marie-Josée Leduc about her organic skincare brand Odièle, she’d likely say she’s playing around and making concoctions. It comes effortlessly to her because she is no newcomer to the world of beauty. Prior to starting Odièle, Marie-Josée has and continues to work behind the scenes as a professional makeup artist. With an extensive list of models and celebrities endorsing her work and products, if you need tips about how to care for your skin naturally after applying makeup day in day out, Marie-Josée is who you want to speak to. As a makeup artist, every day Marie-Josée […]

2020 Hudson Valley Style Magazine Awards Nomination: EcoCapsule - Sustainable off-grid micro-home - Sustainability and Social Responsibility

2020 HudsonValley.Style Awards Nomination: EcoCapsule – Sustainable Off-Grid Micro-Home

Ecocapsule® is a smart, self-sustainable micro-home, which utilizes solar and wind energy. It allows you to stay in remote places out of reach of infrastructure, with the luxury of a hotel room. Ecocapsule® is a stylish way to approach off-grid housing. It can serve as a cottage, pop-up hotel, caravan, mobile office, research station, or anything you want it to be. The product has been designed and engineered from scratch to be as self-sufficient, practical and functional as possible. Join Ecocapsule® and change the World! 2020 HudsonValley.Style Awards Nomination: EcoCapsule (Slovakia, EU) Nomination Categories: Style, Design, Sutainability, Social Responsibility Read this […]

New Year’s Resolutions with New Better Meanings

As  I go online to search for the most popular New Year’s resolutions for 2020,  I find it satisfying to see more people focusing on truly important issues: reducing debt, maintaining financial responsibility and stability, self-care, emotional and physical health improvement, education. These are all great. However, I’d like to add one more resolution that would be beneficial to us personally and to the world as a whole. I want 2020 to be not only about us and what we do to improve our own lives, I want people to start thinking beyond and bigger. In the new year, we […]

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Could European EcoCapsule become a Solution for the Housing Crisis in the United States?

As a Designer, I firmly believe that Beauty will eventually save the World and looking at this egg-shaped aesthetically pleasing product of Design I feel that Europeans might be the new saviors of the American Dream that is currently experiencing a bit of a relevance problem. The Ecocapsule could be the first commercially available technological solution that will disrupt humanity’s understanding of how sustainable/eco-friendly housing looks like, with a shift from heavy, static and inefficient boxes of all sorts, to the sleek, compact and energy-efficient appliance-like personal pods that for sure look like a visitor from the future. But what […]

6 ways to turn your home into a natural oasis

6 ways to turn your home into a natural oasis

As the year comes to an end, many people make resolutions to start the New Year strong. This might mean ramping up your workout routine, increasing your self-care regimen or finding time to de-stress. The EPA reports we spend 90 percent of our time indoors, but most people feel that spending time in nature has a positive effect on their mental well-being and stress level, according to a recent YouGov study commissioned by VELUX. So, if your goal is to de-stress, here are some healthy behaviors and design tips to help you bring nature’s sanctuary indoors. 6 ways to turn […]

Escape New York City life in this tranquil Hudson Valley Style retreat created by HUDSON DESIGN

Escape New York City life in this tranquil Hudson Valley Style retreat created by HUDSON DESIGN

Lake House Project by HUDSON DESIGN Interior Design by Jarlath Mellett Photography Courtesy of HUDSON DESIGN Hudson Valley is home to many world-renown architectural & design marvels and architecture firm HUDSON DESIGN is keeping up with the tradition of creating structures that merge art and architecture with aesthetic acumen. They just unveiled their latest project in Putnam Valley: a modern, minimalist home designed for a picturesque lakefront setting on Lake Oscawana. Escape New York City life in this tranquil Hudson Valley Style retreat created by HUDSON DESIGN In line with authentic Hudson Valley Style, the home is designed in sync with nature […]

Your 2020 guide to climate-friendly holiday gifting

Your 2020 guide to climate-friendly holiday gifting

(BPT) – Each year, many people count down the days to the holiday season and save their money for festive decorations and gift-giving. In fact, the average American will spend over $1,000 on holiday gifts, according to the National Retail Federation. But before you start checking gifts off your list, consider how you can do even more this year. A gift that is ENERGY STAR certified not only has the latest features and styles, but also saves energy and prevents climate change. It’s a gift that does a world of good for your loved ones and the planet. Cutting-edge electronics […]

How bad is your air? by Katya A Williams, Hudson Valley Style Magazine Editor, Sustainability and Social Responsibility

How bad is your air?

How bad is your air? by Katya A Williams, Hudson Valley Style Magazine Editor [ Sustainability and Social Responsibility ] Clean air is something many people are desperate for. Air quality varies from one region to another, and the way the air is treated and maintained highly depends on the infrastructure and economic development, and the pollutants that are being produced by various sources. Air pollutants are gases and aerosols in the atmosphere that cause harm to humans and the environment. The pollutants can be natural (volcanoes, fires, dust storms) and anthropogenic – caused by human activity – fuel, oil, […]

2020 Interior Design Trends by Designer Maxwell L. Alexander

2020 Millennial Interior Design Trends by Designer Maxwell Alexander

Top 10 Interior Design Trends for 2020 by Designer Maxwell Alexander #Millennials Just a few weeks ago I started working on 3 interior design projects exactly at the same time, they are still in their beginning stages and are to be brought to life sometime in 2020, so yes, as  Designers we often have to predict the future or as we call it – set the trends. So here is the Top 10 Interior Design Trends that also happened to be Millennial-inspired and driven: #10: Space-saving Interior Design The era of spectacularly oversized mansions is officially gone along with the […]

Exploring Mohonk Mountain Lake and Labyrinth Trail - Photo Story by Maxwell Alexander

Exploring Mohonk Mountain Lake and Labyrinth Trail – Photo Story by Maxwell Alexander

Exploring Mohonk Mountain Lake and Labyrinth Trail – Photo Story by Maxwell Alexander If Hudson Valley is the official Fall Capital of the World, then Mohonk Mountain House would be the capital’s city hall. There is no better place to watch the fall fiery of colors than on a hiking trail around the Mohonk Lake. Even though I live in the Hudson Valley for quite a few years and have been exploring New Paltz are for a while, this was my very first sight of the Mohonk Mountain House or the surroundings to be exact and it was pretty impressive. […]

4 Fabulous Ways to Green Your Beauty Routine

4 Fabulous Ways to Green Your Beauty Routine

4 Fabulous Ways to Green Your Beauty Routine (BPT) – Beauty routines, we all have them and no two are alike. Whether you are getting ready for work or for date night, your actions can actually benefit the environment too. No other state in the U.S. can match what California offers in terms of natural beauty, miles of coastline, stunning forests and idyllic weather and it’s up to each of us to do our part to keep it that way. From singing in the shower to styling our hair, we may be using more energy than we think, which can […]

Historic Hudson Valley Farmhouse Reinvented by Duncan Avenue Interior Design Studio

A Historic (Circa 1970s) Hudson Valley Farmhouse Reinvented by Duncan Avenue Interior Design Studio

Social Media Sensation: Historic Farmhouse Reinvented by Duncan Avenue Interior Design Studio Welcome to the historic (circa 1870) Hudson Valley Farmhouse in the heart of legendary Marlboro, NY. It has been completely reimagined by the Award-Winning Duncan Avenue Design Studio and has become an inspiring, stylish and extremely comfortable zero-emissions 21st century smart home just minutes away from NYC. Situated on top of a hill and an acre of picturesque landscape, it could become your turnkey second-home, a vacation home, rental or investment property, or an authentic Hudson Valley Style dream home for generations to come. The Farmhouse has been […]

DA SKY - Aerial Real Estate Photography in Hudson Valley, New York

Explaining Energy Sources. New York is Saying No to Fossil Fuels.

Electrical energy is essential for the world to work and produce. Explaining Energy Sources. New York is Saying No to Fossil Fuels. by Katya A Williams, Sustainability and Social Responsibility Editor, Hudson Valley Style Magazine Electricity is considered to be the secondary source of energy, while natural sources like sun radiation, geothermal energy, fossil fuels, wood, and nuclear energy are the primary sources. Generators, turbines, water, and gas can all generate electrical power by sending energy from the source to the location of use. Fossil fuels are the most used primary sources of energy, which are the leftovers of the […]