A Mystical Evening in Hudson Valley: Maxwell Alexander’s Captivating Photoshoot at the Shawangunk Chalet in Gardiner, NY

Deep within the embrace of New Paltz’s Shawangunk Mountains, I found myself standing before a sight that seemed to have been conjured from the pages of a fantasy novel. A three-story high chalet, an architectural marvel with its towering A-frame roof, stood majestically against the canvas of the White Cliff, making my heart race […]

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Unwind in Style: A Pet-Friendly Airbnb Retreat Amidst Hudson Valley's Vineyards and Mountains – Presented by Alluvion Vacations – The Best Vacation Rentals in the Hudson Valley and Catskills

Unwind in Style: A Pet-Friendly Airbnb Retreat Amidst Hudson Valley’s Vineyards and Mountains

Nestled amidst picturesque vineyards and charming farms, with the majestic Shawangunk Mountains forming a stunning backdrop, this spacious and stylish countryside home near New Paltz, New York, is the perfect family retreat. Whether you are an adventurer eager to explore nature or seeking a tranquil haven to unwind and recharge, this pet-friendly Airbnb offers […]

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