Hudson Valley Style Kitchen – Today's Host Lisa Ferrara Shares  Favorite Pasta Recipe – Presented by Superior Mortgage

Hudson Valley Style Kitchen – Today’s Host Lisa Ferrara Shares Her Favorite Pasta Recipe

New York’s Hudson Valley is just a short train ride from Manhattan, making it the perfect place to unwind. Whether you’re seeking out artisanal food and farm-to-table cuisine or visiting local vineyards, you’ll enjoy that laid-back upstate lifestyle that inspires many New Yorkers to move away from the city. Today, our guest host Lisa Ferrara of Superior Mortgage Co. shares her favorite (and very-very secret) pasta recipe that uses red wine as a part of the recipe, and a sneak peek into how to make the best out of the Hudson Valley Style living.  Hudson Valley Style Kitchen – Today’s […]

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Red, white and sparkling: How to choose the right wine glass

Wine connoisseurs know something even more important than facts about vintages and varietals: It makes a big difference in how your wine is served. From the correct temperature to the glass you drink from, how any wine is presented can change the entire experience. (BPT) – And it’s not just about aesthetics — although a beautiful glass may enhance your visual experience, the size, and shape of a wine glass can alter any wine’s aroma and taste, for better or worse. The size and shape of the glass affect not just how the wine responds to its environment (exposure to […]