Discover the Must-Have Men's Jewelry Styles in 2022

Discover the Must-Have Men’s Jewelry Styles in 2022

We live in an increasingly sophisticated world where style, beauty, and art are at the forefront of everyday life. The fashion industry has responded to this by consistently delivering quality men’s jewelry in both traditional and innovative styles that suit any man’s personality and tastes. From the Hard New York brand to gold rings to bracelets, there are hundreds of designs to choose from that can be worn daily or simply as special occasion jewelry, depending on your preferences and budget. The Everyday Men’s Bracelet A man can wear a gold bracelet every day, paired with any outfit. If a […]

Style and Fashion Trends for Men in 2022

Style and Fashion Trends for Men in 2022

In 2022, men’s jewelry will play an even larger role in male fashion than it does today, as it’s expected to be the number one fashion trend among men around the world. Already, you can see men’s jewelry gaining popularity in places like France and Japan, where bracelets and rings are increasingly seen on the wrists and fingers of stylish men of all ages. In just five years, we’ll see leather and metal bracelets alike give way to silicone bracelets, which will become increasingly popular as they grow more fashionable, colorful, and affordable. What kind of jewelry will men wear […]

The Complete Guide to Men's Style: 5 Jewelry Pieces Every Man Should Own

The Complete Guide to Men’s Style: 5 Jewelry Pieces Every Man Should Own

What are some jewelry pieces every man should own? A lot of men can easily figure out how to tie a tie and properly match their suits, but when it comes to jewelry, most guys don’t know where to start. The best way to learn more about men’s jewelry is by looking at the people around you, so check out the following five pieces of jewelry that every man should own… The Complete Guide to Men’s Style: 5 Jewelry Pieces Every Man Should Own – Presented by HARD NEW YORK Brand 1) Learn About the Basics of Men’s Jewelry The […]

Why Hard New York Is The Best Place To Buy Men's Jewelry

Why Hard New York Is The Best Place To Buy Men’s Jewelry

What kind of jewelry are you searching for? If you’re in the market for men’s bracelets, you won’t find a better collection anywhere else than at Hard New York. Our selection of men’s jewelry makes it easy to find something that complements your style, no matter what your preference or taste may be. From the most basic of wristbands to bracelets and bangles, we have everything you need. Check out our selection of men’s bracelets today! A bracelet, in terms of jewelry, isn’t just an accessory—it can also tell people about your personality. In fact, it’s hard to remember the […]

The Best Summer Accessories for Men

The Best Summer Accessories for Men

To get into summer looking on-trend, fix your haircut, update your wardrobe, and hit the gym. Make sure you have your accessories! You can create an effortlessly chic look by having stylish accessories with every outfit. Fashionable accessories are worn by men for a number of reasons. Fashion is a way for many people to express themselves. You can dress up an outfit with a fashionable bracelet, and a leather belt will add a touch of elegance. When you wear stylish accessories, you get noticed yet feel more confident at work or during social gatherings. You can also use fashion […]