Backpacking in the Hudson Valley: Don’t Forget to Bring a Natural Bug Repellent

Natural bug repellent is important for any outdoor adventurer, but it’s especially crucial to bring along on backpacking trips in the Hudson Valley and Catskills. Unlike DEET and Picaridin repellents, natural bug repellents won’t harm the environment or leave you feeling sticky and smelling like chemicals, so you can still enjoy long days of hiking without worrying about annoying bugs flying into your face all day long. With a few simple ingredients from your kitchen, you can make your own natural bug repellent that will last all day long – read on how to do it yourself! Backpacking in the […]

Why Hiking in the Hudson Valley is a Good Recreational Activity

Why Hiking in the Hudson Valley is a Good Recreational Activity

Are you interested in doing something fun and exciting on a day that you may have off from work or a weekend away from New York City? If you are and if you are like many other Americans, there is a good chance that you may be interested in doing something recreational. If you are, you have a number of different options. One of those options involves going on a hike and explore one of the best hiking trails right here in the beautiful Hudson Valley. Why Hiking in the Hudson Valley is a Good Recreational Activity – by ISSA […]

Hudson Valley Hidden Trails - Story and Photography by Maxwell Alexander

Hudson Valley Hidden Trails – Hiking Tips for 2018 Hiking Season

Hudson Valley Hidden Trails by Maxwell Alexander [ Executive Editor ] Hudson Valley Style Magazine Hudson Valley is famous for its amazing views and hiking trails. In fact, this is one of the main reasons people are moving into to the area or coming to visit from all around the World. For an avid explorer Breakneck Ridge, Mount Beacon, and Bear Mountain Park are on the bucket list, but that’s only the top of the iceberg! We moved to the area years ago (Dino, Vicka, Jack and Max on the picture above), and established a consistent nature’s beauty exploration schedule: […]