Finding the Best Natural Tick Repellent for Dogs

Finding the Best Natural Tick Repellent for Dogs

If you’re taking your dog with you on the next camping trip, keep him free of ticks with natural repellents instead of chemically-laden products that aren’t always safe or effective. As your furry companion’s guardian, it’s up to you to make sure he stays healthy and happy while in the great outdoors, so make sure he doesn’t suffer from tick bites. Discover how to find the best natural tick repellent for dogs, as well as other tips on keeping them safe, here. Picaridin, DEET, and pesticide-free options To find a tick repellent that doesn’t contain these chemicals is tricky—after all, […]

Hiking Mount Beacon in New York with Fitness and Bodybuilding Coach Maxwell Alexander

Hiking Mt. Beacon in Beacon, NY with Fitness Coach Maxwell Alexander

Spring is officially here and I opened the 2020 hiking season in the Hudson Valley with my favorite hike of all times – the Mount Beacon in Beacon, NY. Even though the leaves are not out yet, the weather was nice and sunny, almost 60 degrees outside, so it definitely felt like Spring. I know that ticks are out and about, hunting for unsuspecting hikers when the temperature is above 45 degrees, so I knew for sure that when it’s 60 degrees out, it’s time to carry the best natural tick repellent you can find. It was a bit unexpected to see […]

The best natural tick and mosquito repellent for humans and pets - DA Aromatherapy Collection

The Sun is Out and warm weather is here! Hike Hudson Valley Trails and Stay Protected from ticks and mosquitos!

Enjoying Warm & Sunny Weekend in the Woods? Bugs are now officially out too! Here are a few tips to stay protected while exploring Hudson Valley hiking trails: If hiking or camping in an area known as a tick & mosquito habitat, try to protect yourself, and children in particular, by wearing bright colored, long-sleeved tops and pants, tucking the bottoms of the pant legs into long socks. Apply a generous amount of DA Aromatherapy Collection Natural Insect Repellent Spray, as a deterrent, onto clothing and skin. For best results apply frequently. Inspect the entire body after hiking.