How to Ensure You Get the Best Price When Selling Your Home by Maxwell Alexander, REALTOR®, Editor in Chief, Hudson valley Style Magazine

How to Ensure You Get the Best Price When Selling Your Hudson Valley Home

Whether you are selling your home to move to a new city or just to relocate to the other side of town, you will no doubt want to receive as much money for the property as you can. Luckily, there are a few tips you can follow to ensure your final selling price is as high as possible, such as: •    Stage the Home in Style When prospective buyer walks into your home, they don’t want to see a space cluttered with all of your belongings. Nor do they want to see a home totally devoid of fixtures or […]

Who is Your Buyer? Infographic by Alexander Maxwell Realty

When you choose Alexander Maxwell Realty you choose a company which helps to invest in your future, to us you are not a one-off client – we form long-standing relationships with all our valued customers. To us, your property is a work of art and it is exactly how our All-inclusive Strategic Marketing Package presents it to the world: 1. Let’s meet and brainstorm At our first meeting and walkthrough of your property, we will discuss the initial market assessment,  pricing, and marketing strategy. We will talk about your target audience and the best way to reach them. Millennials are very different from […]