The water is open: 5 tips to relax and recharge on a boat this summer

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(BPT) – Looking to get away this summer while social distancing? With annual traditions such as camps and sporting events cancelled, the best way to seek relief and recharge with your loved ones may be to “Get On Board” for a summer on the water. Recent data suggests that interest in fishing and boating has grown amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a recent Harris poll, 1 in 5 Americans said they’re more likely to try these activities than they were prior to the pandemic. And among parents, the statistic is 1 in 4. Numerous marine dealers across the country […]

Dr. Rebecca Dolgin, MD: Coping With CoVID19, Interview and article by Marcy Horwitz

Dr. Rebecca Dolgin, MD: Coping With CoVID19, Interview and article by Marcy Horwitz

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Does quarantine have you on edge? Are you anxious? Depressed? Sleepless? We talked with Rebecca L. Dolgin, M.D., a psychiatrist in Boulder Colorado, about the effects of sheltering-in-place and some things to keep in mind. Q.: What issues are you seeing in your patients these days? Anxiety. For sure. People are, understandably, very anxious about their health, the health of their loved ones, their finances, their future. We are also seeing stress and depression in response to COVID-19, social distancing, and stay at home orders. Q.: What DIY solutions are there for anxiety or stress? So many. Different strategies will […]

Thought, quarantine was a vacation? Things just got serious. Continuing the conversation on the spread of COVID-19 and what to do during these unprecedented times.

Thought, quarantine was a vacation? Things just got more serious…

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To call it “strange” would be an understatement. Uncertainty and anxiety took over the globe and put the entire world on hold. Total absence of toilet paper, empty shelves in grocery stores, closure of all casinos on Las Vegas Strip, worldwide shortage of face masks and ventilators, stock market is the worst since the Great Depression, unemployment rate may soar to 30%, Olympic Games postponed for one year: Is it really happening? The Governor of New York signs an executive order to put the whole state on PAUSE, closing all nonessential offices effective at 8PM on Sunday, March 22. COVID-19 […]

The benefits of Natural Hand Sanitizers

The Benefits of using Natural Hand Sanitizers

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One of our major concerns in our health and keeping us void of germs and bacterial infection is with the help of hand sanitizer dispensers. With all the deadly diseases and pandemics that we have encountered in the past, it is very important for us to stay protected and maintain the cleanliness of ourselves and our surroundings not just on what our eyes can see, but even those that we cannot. Check out this natural hand sanitizer.   In our daily lives, we should be aware of where the most contamination and spread of the virus is possible. Crowded and […]

Top 4 Ways to Stay Healthy this Flu and Coronavirus Season

Top Four Ways to Stay Healthy this Flu and Coronavirus Season 

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Top Four Ways to Stay Healthy this Flu and Coronavirus Season  by Maxwell Alexander, Certified Fitness Trainer  Every year, between 9 and 45 million people get the flu. This nasty virus is one of the biggest causes of distress worldwide since its symptoms can range from a mild case of sweating to a high fever and uncontrollable shaking. This flu season has another surprise – coronavirus that has already spread all over the globe with first cases here in New York and the Hudson Valley. As an airborne virus, the flu and coronavirus transmit from person to person very effectively. […]