The Best Way to Wear Men’s Bracelets – Holiday Gift Guide

If you want to add pizzazz to an otherwise drab look, you can add accessories to your daily uniform. Historically, watches and ring bands were the only ways to accessorize, but wearing men’s jewelry is now perfectly acceptable and even coveted. Obviously, you should start with men’s bracelets, since they can fit comfortably with […]

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Holiday Gift Ideas for Men – Men's Fashion Accessories by HARD NEW YORK – Holiday Gift Guide 2021

Men’s Fashion Accessories by HARD NEW YORK – 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Shopping for the most favorite men in your life can be especially challenging during the 2021 supply chain crisis (caused by truckers protesting slave labor conditions and below poverty line pay) on top of the collapse of obnoxious Consumerism and Capitalism as we know it. No matter if it’s your dad, brother, boyfriend, or […]

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