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Home Staging 101 with Realtor Miranda Weinberger: Focus on Rooms Where Staging Makes the Biggest Difference

Home Staging 101 with Miranda Weinberger: Focus on Rooms Where Staging Makes the Biggest Difference

Not every single room in your home needs to be staged. They need to be clean and well-presented, but there are some rooms in the home that don’t make or break a sale.

For example, while you want a nice looking laundry room, that one doesn’t carry the same selling power that other rooms do. You want to start with the entrance to your house.

Home Staging 101 with Realtor Miranda Weinberger: Focus on Rooms Where Staging Makes the Biggest Difference

Your foyer area is a buyer’s first introduction to the inside of your home. Unfortunately, it’s also space where most homeowners drop everything off. Keys get tossed onto a small table, shoes get discarded here, school bookbags are left lying around and coats and umbrellas hang from the coat rack or are strewn on a bench.

Contemporary Colonial Luxury Home in Poughkeepsie, New York by Toni Anne Perry, Licensed RE Salesperson, Alexander Maxwell Realty - The Best Hudson Valley Realtors - Photography by Maxwell Alexander, Duncan Avenue Group
Contemporary Colonial Luxury Home in Poughkeepsie, New York – Photography by Maxwell Alexander, Duncan Avenue Group

While for you that’s just part of everyday life, for a buyer it looks unkempt like you couldn’t even be bothered to straighten up. The kitchen is an area that must be staged well because it’s one of the rooms in the house that’s a huge selling point.

If your kitchen doesn’t look it’s best, it can make or break the deal pretty quickly. Your home can be old, but your kitchen can’t look like it. If your kitchen looks like it’s stuck in the 1970s, what potential buyers are going to see is a whole bunch of expensive renovation work.

Even if you can’t afford to renovate your kitchen before you put your house on the market, you can afford to spruce it up with strategic staging. It doesn’t cost much to paint cabinets and add some molding.

Hudson Valley Home for Sale in Newburgh, NY - Alexander Maxwell Realty - Dino Alexander
Hudson Valley Home in Newburgh, NY

It also doesn’t cost much to put in new curtains or new window blinds. You can also update the hardware on your cabinets. If you have old appliances and can’t afford to buy new ones, you can use enamel paint to make them look good.

Each one of your bathrooms should be as inviting as possible. You want to have a great looking tub, shower and countertops. If you have countertops in your bathrooms that have seen better days, you can replace the countertops and it really doesn’t cost that much – but the value it will add by helping your home sell is priceless.

Your living room should not look lived in. It should look like a blank canvas that someone else can draw his or her life on. Use all neutral colors and furnishings. Leave the curtains open because it makes the room look bigger.

Villa Tondo – Luxury Vacation Home in Hudson Valley’s Town of Saugerties Community – Photography by Maxwell Alexander – Duncan Avenue Group

Have plants and colorful accents in the living room. Group your furniture around a focal point rather than having your sofa, chairs or loveseats flush against walls just to create more space.

To stage the bedrooms for a quick sale, get rid of bulky furniture by stashing it with a friend or in a storage unit. You want the room to look sparse, but not devoid of character.

Having a lot of furniture makes a bedroom look cramped. The bed should be one of the focal points. Cover it with new linen such as white blankets and sheets. Use throw pillows that are colorful and draw out the color from other decorations.

The bed should be a great looking bed even if it’s not a very comfortable one. For example, if the bed is too low to the floor, it can make the bedroom look off-balance. Settle the bed on risers temporarily to make it look taller and fuller. Remove anything you might normally store under it if it can be seen when a prospective buyer is viewing the room.

Closets are the one thing that many homeowners don’t really think about because they don’t think the buyer will check. They do. They want to know how much storage space they’re going to have.

This isn’t a situation like when you have guests in your home. Every space is fair game for taking a look at. Your closet should be neat and well organized, but not filled to the brim with your clothes or other items.

Your dining room should have a great looking table – even if you need to rent one until the home sells. This table should have placemats and be set with nice dishes – and both should be colorful.

The Hudson Villa - Luxury Hudson Valley Villa for Sale in Chester, NY
The Hudson Villa – Luxury Hudson Valley Villa in Chester, NY

Simply adding a bright accent rug beneath a table can help this room look inviting. Make sure there’s great lighting and replace any outdated light fixtures. Keep any wall decorations simple here so that the focus can be on the table and the room itself.

The garage is what often makes or breaks a sale when it comes to male buyers. They want a garage that they can picture themselves in. You don’t want your garage to look like you’re a hoarder.

Clean it out and paint it if needed. Put up hanging hooks to get items off the floor so it looks spacious in the garage. Organize everything and update the lights. Make sure the garage door opens and closes without squeaking or groaning. Clean stains off the floor and make sure there aren’t cobwebs everywhere.

If the idea of staging a home yourself seems daunting to you, you should look for an expert home staging consultant who has experience in real estate sales, with an elevated sense of taste and a deep understanding of the real estate market and how a house can sell for top dollar. Alexander Maxwell Realty agents are the best real estate team in the Hudson Valley and have years of experience in real estate sales and interior design and know exactly how to approach the staging process. Our team will guide you and provide professional advice on how to stage your home based on the custom marketing strategy that we will create specifically for you and your home.

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