August featured Story – Walnut Street Project by Duncan Avenue

August featured Story – Walnut Street Project by Duncan Avenue WORTH ITS OWN COOKING TV SHOW A kitchen is the heart of any home and this particular kitchen is 16 ft. long and is the perfect playground for a seasoned cook or aspiring cooking TV show host. It’s not just the size of the kitchen, but also the amazing contemporary features that are also spectacular. CONCRETE COUNTER TOPS Concrete Counter tops have gained a lot of attention recently. They are very flexible in design and implementation. It would not be possible to create seamless 16 ft. long counter top with […]

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Duncan Avenue Press-Release – August 1, 2017

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DUNCAN AVENUE LAUNCHES THE HUDSON VALLEY STYLE MAGAZINE THE FIRST ISSUE OF THE MAGAZINE CALLED ‘THE REAL ESTATE EDITION’ WILL BE LAUNCHED IN AUGUST 2017 New York City, NY, USA – July 31, 2017: Duncan Avenue, LLC has proudly announced the launch of the Hudson Valley Style Magazine with the introduction of its inaugural issue of August 2017. The newly launched magazine has been created to highlight the products and services of the Duncan Avenue Group of Companies with a focus on Design as well as the iconic Hudson Valley Style. The first issue of the magazine […]